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Setting Up A Home Server

Microsoft is in the process of introducing a Server operating system for home users. However you don’t have to wait that long for it. An XP Professional or Vista Business/Ultimate machine can also meet your requirements. The benefits of a home server are: 1. Centralized place to store all files including: movies, music and documents. […]

Bad Credit Student Loan

Many people are worried that bad credit will hamper their prospects of going to college. While it is true that getting student loans with lower interest rates is easier if your credit rating is par excellence, you can also get bad credit student loan aid. E.g. the Stafford loan, most popular US Department of Education […]

Selecting Seasonal Gift Baskets

Gift baskets usually gifted to friends and family during holidays or special occasions. You can easily gift your loved ones a gift basket anytime, if a person has done a favor on you, this can be an ideal token of your appreciation. Prepare a gift basket with any items of your choice. Many people prefer […]

Retro Style Interior Design

After you have decided to redecorate your house in Retro style, you should know what it is and how to include it in your home. What is Retro? The 50s and 60s saw emergence of more vivid and bolder colors as a revolt against doom and gloom of the war torn 40s. Retro kind of […]

Nutritional Benefits of Celery Juice

If you were told that celery contains plenty of sodium, you might be tempted to say that you consume table salt. But there is a big difference between the sodium present in both of them. Table salt consists of insoluble inorganic substances that cause varicose veins, freezing of the arteries and other diseases. While sea […]

Ideal Credit Card After Bankruptcy

With innumerable credit card companies rushing at you to use their credit cards, you might sit and wonder which credit card is really the one for you? And to make things more terrible, you may either not be financially stable or may have a bad credit score. Here are few tips to help you decide […]

Understanding Credit Card Offers

Do you get mailed credit card offers? This is a common occurrence and it is easy to get confused about which is the best deal for you. Credit cards are dual-edged swords: they either help you in budgeting or drag you in debt. The difference lies in the details: some cards carry steep rates and […]

Go Office Furniture Shopping!

As lame as it may sound, office shopping can be really fun! Especially if you’ve taken the pain of bringing up your office from a scratch. Its needless to say that many aspects are to be considered before you step out to redecorate your office. To begin with, you must decide what type of material […]

Dieting and self motivation

Most of the people want to lose weight without following a regular diet or an exercise program or a combination of both exercise and diet. They seek a short cut for losing weight, but it is not really possible. For many people, it is not easy to adhere to a particular exercise program because they […]

How to Treat Sweaty Feet With Tea

The soles of the feet tend to become sweatier as they have more than 3,000 sweat glands in one square inch and they remain enclosed in shoes and socks lot of time. Excess sweating support odor producing bacteria to flourish, hence the initial step in lowering foot odor is sweat minimization. The tannic acids present […]