10 Laptop purchase tips

While buying a laptop, you need to make sure it is the best possible one for your needs. There are ten main points, which need your attention.

1. First of all, the screen should be wide enough to prevent eyestrain and have a good enough resolution to show high-quality colors.

2. It should be proportionally light.

3. Since laptops are generally slower than desktop PC’s, get one that will not hang up when additional programs are installed. For this, check technical parameters like speed of processor, type of motherboard, hard drive and video system.

4. Don’t scrounge on a few dollars and sacrifice on vital features as an upgrade later on will be costly. Certain features you need later may not be supported by the laptop.

5. Memory gets hogged when applications are running. For older operating systems like Windows 95, 128 MB might be sufficient but for Windows XP, depending on your applications and programs, even 256MB might not be sufficient.

6. Get Lithium batteries as they last longer.

7. As regards the hard drive, anything less than 20GB belongs to the dinosaur age. The more the merrier.

8. Hardware should be compatible with DVD players etc. The graphics compression standard should be MPEG-2 to display top quality video.

9. Laptop should provide a video chip function, which is compatible with MPEG-2 standard of graphic compression.

10. A laptop has a considerable high charge but when you consider that it moves with you wherever you go, it seems much more practical than having two bulky PC’s. Of course, a PC can do much more at a far less cost but it is of no use if you are stranded somewhere and need to get online urgently.