9 tips for great skin and good makeup

Women have always been crazy about make up and skin care. But it is a foolish idea to treat make up and skin care as different issues. Because, unless your skin is supple and firm, your make up does not add any spark. Given below are a few tips for great skin and good makeup:

1. Whenever you are purchasing any cosmetic product, first look at the product quality and durability because they should not affect the texture of your skin.

2. To test the reliability of the product, first apply it on the earlobes to check if it suits your skin texture.

3. Moreover do not use items that have crossed the expiry date. Some of the products if not stored as suggested get spoilt easily.

4. Maintain the entire make up equipments because you use them often. Cleanliness is an essential activity of skin care. As part of cleanliness, keep your hair and yourself clean always.

5. Even the maintenance of nails is important. Polish them with a coat of polish and after polishing them always rub with oil at the edges.

6. If you have sunken eyes then use liquid eyeliner instead of using a pencil.

7. Do not apply any harsh chemical without the consultation of your physician, especially if you are having a skin disease. Do not try to slit off your pimples or acne. It may start to bleed.

8. When you want to remove all your makeup, do not just wash your face but apply a make up remover

9. When you are using a deodorant see that there is a distance between the pack nozzle and your skin.