The Internet is a vast resource. You can find a lot of information on the net. But finding the right information is difficult. For example you may want to find information relating to cricket, a type of insect, but the search results in many search engines would usually relate to cricket, the game. The aim of this site is to assist people in getting the right answer at the right time.

We strive to provide people with relevant URL’s or answers to their queries. With so many search engines and with SEO’s trying to outdo each other so as to get better placements of websites, it becomes difficult to find the right answers to one’s queries. These automated search engines throw up results that are often not what one needs. With askaquery.com a person will be able to get the relevant answers and these answers are provided by human researchers and not by any search engine robot. As of now, the services provided by the website is free, supported by ads.

We are evolving daily and we may come up with various other innovations and we will keep you updated.

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