Backpacking – 10 necessary food items

Hiking and trekking can be really exhausting and one of the ways you can keep yourself light is by keeping you backpack light. Food is one of the main items in your backpack. Here are a few items, which are light in weight but heavy in their nutritional status.

· Any foodstuff that is your personal favorite should be packed, as that may help uplift your mood at the time of a crisis.

· Tortilla chips, a product of corn, can be energizing yet not be harmful as the usual potato chips are.

· Oils are essential, as their fat content provides high calories as well as heat for the body. Olive oil is most preferred among others.

· Instant noodles can help you save time and get back on the trail at the earliest.

· Instant coffee is a must for those who can’t do without it, even in a jungle.

· Nuts are ready source of fats and proteins, and lightweight as well. These are one of the most preferred food items that people carry.

· Mixtures of nuts and raisins, which will cover all the necessary nutrients, can also be carried to munch while walking on a trail.

· Canned items like beans are effective. Just reheat and eat. That’s it!

· Few sports drinks are packed with calories, which get absorbed in the body easily and provide energy in an instant. Keep them, they can get very handy.

· And lastly, learn to identify wild edible fruits, which along with being a recreation during trekking can also help you in dire times.