Blue for Business from AMEX

It is easy for you to know why Blue for Business® from American Express is chosen over other cash discount business credit cards, once you consider the following reasons.

Cash Discounts

Unlike majority of cash discount business credit cards, this credit card lets you collect cash back rewards, right from the first usage of your card.

The cash back layout of this card is very aggressive and is applied on the reducing scale: for initial $7,500, it is 0.5%, 7,500.01 – $15,000 it is 2.5% and over $15,000, it is 1%. Also if you shop at an OPEN associate, you get twice the rebate percentage.

There is no upper limit on the cash back rewards you can get with Blue for Business® and there is no penalty if you opt to pay your monthly outstanding in total.

For extra cards that you desire to give to your employees, will also fetch you cash discount rewards.


Besides fetching you the double discounts on this card, you also get discounts ranging from 3% – 25% from OPEN associates when you spend on business purchases like travel, eating, office supplies, business services and business development tools.


Blue for Business® credit card is a very inexpensive cash rewards business credit card as against its immediate rival. In lot of the reviews the 4 unique features that distinguish this card are:

No yearly fee

  • Purchases at 0% APR on the initial 6 months
  • Low continuous APR of 11.24% on purchases
  • balance transfers at 7.99% APR for the duration of the sum transferred.

Business Assistance

Lots of the reviews mention an eagerness of American Express to help small businesses. A holder of this card gets the following benefits:

24×7 customer care

Chat services and discussion boards where you can interact with other small business owners and specialists

Articles and reports specifically prepared for small business owners.

American Express also provides online reporting and administrative mechanism, to let you mechanize certain arduous administrative duties.

To summarize

The wholesome, partnership method followed by American Express for preparing products like Blue Cash for Business shows they are quite intense regarding small business sector and dedicated to providing actual value to their small business clients. From the feedback on the internet, it is obvious that this method has succeeded.