In simple terms, breakfast means a meal that breaks fast that you undertake while asleep. Since it is the first meal of the day, we should eat breakfast in the morning. During the weekdays, many Americans opt for a quick breakfast. However on the weekend or holidays they eat a lavish traditional breakfast. The breakfast on the working days includes coffee or any snack eaten while on the way to work. They can either purchase the fast food or carry it from home. Hence preparing modern breakfast should be a fast and convenient preparation. The items that constitute the quick breakfast are breads, pastries, flavored cupped yogurts, fruits, instant oatmeal and granola etc. You can also prepare a breakfast consisting of the last night’s leftovers. A traditional breakfast can include fried or scrambled eggs, any one type of meat and starchy dishes. An elementary combination of breakfast is starchy foods such as toast, pastry, cereals, pancakes and porridge, fresh fruits and yogurts. Your breakfast can also consist of only the starchy foods.

Eggs are predominantly used in the quick breakfast preparation. They form such a vital part of the breakfast that they are regarded out of place in other meals. You can make the sweeter and less spicy versions of egg dishes like egg-filled sandwiches of croissants, hamburgers without the normal vegetable topups and breakfast burritos or tacos filled with eggs and cheese, along with additional garnishes of meat or beans. A combination known as country breakfast with omelets, sausage or bacon, hash browns, sausage with gravy, coffee, toast with jam or jelly and fruit juice is quite commonplace. There are restaurant groups in United States who exclusively serve the breakfast dishes such as pancakes and the country breakfast. You can get the recipes there throughout the day. The fashion of quick breakfast is now catching up in other industrialized nations of the world.