Acne Remedies

Acne is a skin disease, which is created by the clogged pores on the skin. It is a major problem for millions of teenagers, both male and female. It makes a person depressed and so proper treatment is necessary. An acne problem can be due to many reasons. Mainly an increased secretion of male sex […]

Laser Facial Hair Removal

Removing unwanted facial hair underwent revolution with the arrival of the Laser Facial Hair Removal method. Agreed, other methods like waxing and using tweezers are still used throughout the world, but laser beats for trouble-free, painless and permanent removal of unwanted facial hair. Why use laser technology for facial hair? There are many reasons why […]

Perm Your Hair To Get A New Look

It is important for you to know what type of hairstyle will suit your face. Perm is a style that suits many faces and can make a deep impact on everybody. But it should be done professionally, as improper handling can damage the look of your face. There are two main types of perm: permanent […]

What Is A Chemical Peel

When chemicals are applied on the skin to produce injury or a “controlled wound” is known as chemical peel. The damaged skin is then stripped away to show newer skin below. This skin is generally smoother and has fewer flaws than the old skin. There are three types of chemical peels and each one uses […]

Botox is The Best Solution to Wrinkles

Botox is the toxin used successfully without any side effects by the cosmetologists for removing the wrinkles. The first treatment was done in 1990 and since then botox treatment has grown in popularity. Today, not only the people from fashion and film industry opt for botox, but even ordinary housewives go for this treatment. It […]

Natural Cosmetics

Our skin is our body’s external protector. The fact is we spend about 6-20% of our disposable income on skincare products. Our skin is important to us and we go at great lengths to retain its youth and longevity. But have we ever thought about what we put on our skin each day? Of course, […]

Tips to Safeguard Your Skin

Skin is the largest organ of the human body. It is easily affected by change in climate. Summer and winter have an adverse effect on the skin. Hence you need to take care of your skin throughout the year to keep yourself looking fresh and young. Here we offer some tips of protecting your skin […]

How To Tan Safely

The sun is meant to be enjoyed, to avail of a good suntan. Firstly, you need to acquaint yourself with the associated terms like Sun Protection Factor and Ultraviolet index. Ultraviolet rays from the sun are absorbed by the skin, thereby producing melanin, which makes the outer skin dark in complexion. This looks like a […]

Acne Products

Acne is a skin problem for many. During the teenage years this skin disorder arises. During teenage years the male sex hormone, androgens increases both in male and female. This increased androgen causes overproduction of keratin and sebum. This keratin and sebum clogs the skin pores. In the clogged skin pores the presence of bacteria […]

How To Pierce Ears Without Pain

Earring is one item of jewelry flaunted by both men and women. They get various portions of their ears pierced. However the elementary procedure of piercing remains nearly the same. While piercing is regarded as a professional skill, it is possible to pierce the lobe at home. Here is how to go about piercing your […]