Laser Facial Hair Removal

Removing unwanted facial hair underwent revolution with the arrival of the Laser Facial Hair Removal method. Agreed, other methods like waxing and using tweezers are still used throughout the world, but laser beats for trouble-free, painless and permanent removal of unwanted facial hair. Why use laser technology for facial hair? There are many reasons why […]

Use of green color corrector

A green color corrector is used to correct reddish spots on the face. Some people use it to mask pimples or rashes on their skin. Green is supposed to balance out the red. First apply moisturizer on your face and then apply the green color corrector. After applying the corrector you can apply concealer. Some […]

5 Manicure Tips

There are some mistakes commonly committed when manicure is carried out at home. So here are some useful hints. 1. Most people cut the nails back and forth using an emery board and deeply cut the nail from the left and right corner. So the nails are most likely to get split and worn out. […]

9 tips for great skin and good makeup

Women have always been crazy about make up and skin care. But it is a foolish idea to treat make up and skin care as different issues. Because, unless your skin is supple and firm, your make up does not add any spark. Given below are a few tips for great skin and good makeup: […]

Teeth Whitening Techniques

A great smile is one of the first things that a person notices, so it is not a surprise to know that people consider it a valuable asset to possess one. Brown or yellow stained teeth don’t go well to make that long lasting first impression and more often than not, those who have stained […]

Giovanni Cosmetics Nutritional Hair Care

Giovanni Cosmetics was started by Arthur Giovanni to create products that provide a nutritional hair care line. He created formulas using vitamins, herbs, minerals, proteins and nutrients. With aim of providing proper care and nourishment to hair, Giovanni has 3 entirely original and high-performance brands. They are a family owned company who found out a […]

How To Pierce Ears Without Pain

Earring is one item of jewelry flaunted by both men and women. They get various portions of their ears pierced. However the elementary procedure of piercing remains nearly the same. While piercing is regarded as a professional skill, it is possible to pierce the lobe at home. Here is how to go about piercing your […]

Care For Your Feet

Your feet health is so important; they take your entire load and are one of the most stressed parts of your body. A good feet care routine on a daily basis ensures good health for not only your feet, but also for your entire body. A good pedicure on a regular basis, say once in […]

What Is A Chemical Peel

When chemicals are applied on the skin to produce injury or a “controlled wound” is known as chemical peel. The damaged skin is then stripped away to show newer skin below. This skin is generally smoother and has fewer flaws than the old skin. There are three types of chemical peels and each one uses […]