What is acne? Is it different from pimples?

Acne is a skin problem wherein the sebaceous glands get over activated and secretes oily substances. Our face has the maximum number of “sebaceous” glands in our body. That’s why pimples are more in a person’s face than in any other part of the body. Shoulders and chest are other parts, which could also be […]

Beautiful Skin Tips

We didn’t realize when we got sucked into the ways of this crazy world and kept reducing the exclusive time we had kept for ourselves. Gradually you stopped taking time to look into the mirror and wonder if you were doing enough to keep your skin healthy or not. Even if you are someone who […]

Essentials oils for hair growth

A shiny top on the head could lower a person’s self-esteem. Though slowdown in the process of hair loss can be easily achieved, hair growth is possible in some cases through aromatherapy. If hair loss is detected at an early stage then certain precautions can be taken to prevent further falling of hair. According to […]

Tanning Software For Your Salon

With the automation of virtually everything around you, it is no surprise that even your salon business should undergo a kind of transformation. To be in business, you must adopt a dynamic attitude. This, simply put, is that you must adopt ways to facilitate growing of your business. This can be done in essentially two […]

Applying a Baby Sunscreen

Applying a baby sunscreen or any sunscreen on your child is very essential if they are outdoors. It is recommended that children especially those below 6 months remain out of the sun under all circumstances. But this is not practically possible, most of the times due to various reasons. If you do take your child […]

5 Manicure Tips

There are some mistakes commonly committed when manicure is carried out at home. So here are some useful hints. 1. Most people cut the nails back and forth using an emery board and deeply cut the nail from the left and right corner. So the nails are most likely to get split and worn out. […]

How to Minimize Your Pores

Tighten and slim your pores by using this mild apple-fresh toner. It is very good even for dry skin. Things Needed Apple cider vinegar Water Clean bottle Cotton balls Steps 1) Blend equal parts of apple-cider vinegar and water in a bowl. 2) Transfer mixture into a bottle. If needed, use a funnel. 3) Adorn […]

Diet For Acne

In order to control the rate of acne development, there are a few tips, which need to be followed. It is better advised to consume vegetables, cereals, pulses and fruits to the maximum. They are usually rich in fiber content and lack the constituents that lead to obesity. You will be on the safer side […]

Home Microdermabrasion Tips

A beautiful skin generally means a healthy glow or shine along with tiniest appearance of pore and blemishes. You can use various ways either at doctor’s office or at home, and with lotions or other physical tools. The traditional methods use external chemical peels to remove and exfoliate the topmost layer of the skin and […]

Emo Hairstyles

Emo, or the emotional punk movement, has its own attitude, fashion and values as well as emo hairstyles. The emos do not adhere to the mainstream and follow the latest fashion trends. Hence emo has given rise to its own fashion, and emo haircuts are typical with jet black hair, uneven styles and bold highlights. […]