Plasma TV and LCD TV : Televisions of the future

Although both Plasma TV’s and LCD TV’s display a big picture in a thin case, there are many notable differences between the two devices. The plasma television sets are larger than LCD’s and measure about 42 inches. The size of the LCD is approximately 37 inches. But a 42-inch LCD TV would cost $1000 more […]

California Lemon Law for your Computer

California Laws are formulated in such a way that any retailer does not cheat the buyer. After automobiles, computers are the most purchased commodity in California and the government ensures that the consumers do not suffer because of a defective product. According to the California Computer Lemon Law, if your computer lacks in the promised […]

Tips For Installing Your Own Satellite TV System

There are 2 options available to you with respect to its installation: either pay to get the work done or do it yourself, which is what many do. The first step to installing a satellite system is to prepare a list of all that you will require and buy it, which includes the hardware for […]

Satellite Phone Functioning

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From your handset, there are three ways you can reach your destination number. They are: 1. Satellite phone handset to another satellite phone handset; 2. satellite phone handset to a cellular phone handset, through cellular network, and 3. satellite phone handset to a landline served phone connected to PSTN.     1. Satellite phone to […]

Low cost Satellite Television

Nowadays satellite TV is nothing more than an absolute necessity. A decade ago, it involved setting up a gigantic, inconvenient dish, which occupied a fair amount of space on your terrace. They also burnt a huge hole in your wallet. As of now, there is cut-throat competition among the satellite TV providers, resulting in almost […]

How DLP Projectors Work?

DLP (Digital Light Processing) projectors can be attached with computers, DVD players, VCR players, HDTV’s and video games. It comes in various models and with enhanced features. DLP Projectors are also called as Multimedia projectors. In mid 1990’s Texas Instruments developed Digital Light Processing. DLP technology is based on DMD or Digital Micromirror Device. It […]

A Pleo Review

Want to buy Pleo? Read this Pleo review to see what it’s all about. The idea of Pleo was dreamt up Caleb Chung, who was also responsible for creating Furby, a robotic furry toy from 1998. Pleo is manufactured by a company called Ugobe. Pleo Details Pleo is a copy of a week-old Camarasaurus. It […]

What is a Computer Memory Card

Computer memory cards are an essential component of any computer. These come fitted with a battery, which helps in the functions of storing temporary memory as well as other aspects of inputs and outputs by the computer. The battery has a vital function of maintaining the functions and these can go on for many years. […]

How to buy computer at a low price

You need not postpone purchasing a computer due to their high prices. Today very good computers are available quite cheaply very easily. With modern solid-state components, today’s computers are less likely to develop snags frequently. So it is advisable better to go for a cheap one. Use these tips to purchase cheap computers: User requirements […]

Buying a Plasma TV

If you think this article will just name a Plasma TV model that ought to suit your needs, think again. This article, on the contrary, will help you find out the model which will suit your need, thereby helping you make a good purchase. Before you select a model, come up with a list of […]