How to Get Wider Shoulders

Looking to impress girls with your wide shoulders? Want to big and strong after putting on your favorite t-shirt? Many men want broad shoulders but not many have. Here we tell you how to obtain those elusive broad shoulders. Steps 1) Exercise your shoulders. Do movements like the military press, the Arnold press, lateral and […]

Lose Weight by Boxing Training

Currently, one area that is receiving constant attention from all age group of people is the health and fitness sector. Everyone wants to feel healthy as well as look their best shape. But with the current lifestyle, it’s not easy to take out a dedicated time for workouts in gym. Cashing in on these kind […]

Schwinn 101 Upright Bike

With an eddy current resistance system, like the Schwinn 101 Upright Exercise Bike, you can have a relaxing workout at a decent price. The entire system is controlled by a computer. It costs below four hundred dollars and monitors your heart rate as you exercise. Other features include 6 modes of working out and an […]

Swiss Exercise Ball Routines

Today Swiss exercise balls have become commonplace in gyms and fitness clubs. They are excellent for building up abs. If you are unaware of the Swiss exercise ball, then these are few of the routines. You can perform them by including few twists in your exercise routine to simulate the nervous system. 1. Push–ups Based […]

Tips To Choose The Right Gym

Considering the sedentary lifestyles of most of us, everyone is bogged down with one particular thought in mind. How to ever be in shape? The only solution to that question is including a good workout in your daily schedule. And that is only possible if you work out in a gym. There are other options […]

The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Exercise that pushes your heart rate closest to your targeted heart rate is the most suitable exercise to get rid of fat. You should exercise with sufficient intensity to raise your pulse rate, which in turn speeds up the fat loss process. The exercises that bring your heart rate close to your targeted heart rate […]

Information on Killer Abs or a 6 Pack

For a woman, the abdominal muscles are the most alluring part of the male body. They are also known as the six pack abs, when they are clearly outlined. Abs is one of the sexy muscles and represents a fit and healthy male. Women love a man representing health and vitality because it is the […]

Proteins for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a process where in the muscle fibers undergo growth due to microscopic damage to them due to over stretching while lifting weights. This causes that burning pain and the subsequent stiffness the next day after you’ve worked out a muscle group. But muscle damage is no reason to stop your workout. Instead it’s […]

Personal Training – What All Can You Expect To Learn

Whether you are looking for a personal trainer at the gym or somebody who can come home and put you through the paces, there are a few things that you should keep in mind. Probably the most important aspect to keep in mind is to make the choice of personal trainer a carefully thought out […]

Tips to Build Muscle Mass

Everything in your life will generally have two ways to success- the short route and the long one. However quick result yielding the short path may seem, it is always better to take the longer route. You may have to put a lot of effort in it, but the results will be very impressive. The […]