Burn Calories Fast with a Treadmill

Cardiovascular exercises are a great way to burn fat. These exercises can be performed on a wide array of machines like treadmill, stepper, climber etc. Treadmill is a cardiovascular machine that can let you exercise with high intensity to let you burn fat faster. The market is flooded with many types of treadmills for various […]

Lower Abs Workout

Most people looking to reduce their abs spend countless hours doing crunches or spend money on unnecessary abs machines, hoping to see the fat on their waist disappearing. But sadly, none of these things are effective in giving you’re an proper lower abs workout. To notice any changes in your midsection, you should spend time […]

How To Tone Your Thighs

Many people, mostly women tend to put on excess weight on the thighs and buttocks. Thighs always lose weight very slowly, no matter how much you diet. The weight loss that occurs due to dieting can be due to decrease of fat from other places. Our genes are the culprits that can decide the area […]

Ease Lower Back Pain By Exercising

Regular exercise is essential in order to make your back stronger and allow you to go back slowly to daily activity. There are many exercises for lower back that will provide relief or eliminate your lower back pain. You can get excellent results within 10-20 minutes of doing lower back exercises, 1-3 times a day. […]

How To Build Muscle Fast

The principle of progressive overload forms the basis of building muscle. It means, you must keep on increasing the resistance used, if you want to grow your muscles. The results are the same, irrespective of whether you use free weights, resistance bands or a Bullworker type exerciser like the Bully Xtreme. But attempting to lift […]

The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Exercise that pushes your heart rate closest to your targeted heart rate is the most suitable exercise to get rid of fat. You should exercise with sufficient intensity to raise your pulse rate, which in turn speeds up the fat loss process. The exercises that bring your heart rate close to your targeted heart rate […]

How to Work The Transverse Abdominals

A group of muscles that are usually ignored in stomach exercises are the transverse abdominals, the core muscles present underneath the rectus abdominus. Many abdominal exercises deal with the rectus abdominus and the vertical abdominals, but neglect the transverse abdominals. Even crunches, the core of most abdominal workouts, don’t work the transverse abdominals. But these […]

Hypertrophy And Weight Training

Muscle hypertrophy is defined as increase in the size of skeletal muscle because of increased cell size. Biological causes of muscle hypertrophy are age and nutrition. But it can also be achieved through strength training, high intensity anaerobic exercises and by using anabolic steroids. There are basically two different kinds of muscle hypertrophy: myofibrillar hypertrophy […]

How Treadmills work?

The invention of the treadmill has helped millions of people to jog indoors. On a treadmill a person can walk, jog and run on different modes. A person can get all kinds of outdoor experiences with a single machine. And more importantly it fits into a room. Lets talk about how it works. It has […]

Building Muscles Past 40

If you have crossed 40 and have little or no workout experience do not be disheartened. You are not over the hill. Do not swallow this excuse. There have been many people who started exercising or entered hardcore bodybuilding in their 40’s, 50’s, or 60s. don’t forget, you still have the same muscles within your […]