Walking to Improve Your Fitness

Walking is one of the most common physical activities we perform. However when using walking as a type of exercise, start slowly. Starting any exercise quite quickly can lead to injury. The same holds true even for walking. It is an excellent workout for people leading a sedentary lifestyle or are grossly overweight. It is […]

Isolation Workout Techniques To Build Muscular Chest

To look attractive in any clothing, you must have a thick, muscular chest. Isolation chest training is meant to force the intended muscle, which here is your chest or “pecs”, to work with least assistance from other muscle groups. Flat bench and incline dumbbell flys are few examples of isolation training that, when done properly, […]

How do people get Mesothelioma?

The cancer of the mesothelium is known as Mesothelioma. Mesothelioma damages the tissues and other organs of the body and can also affect the cells and spread throughout the body. Asbestos is the main factor for this disease. People in factories or offices who work under the asbestos roof or people who manufacture asbestos sheets […]

Six Pack Abs For Women

In recent past, mere mention of a six-pack reminded people of alcohol. But today everybody wants to better and tone the body and is regarded as very important. The dream of having a rock-like chiseled stomach is not sought only by men but increasing number of women want to have a six pack in order […]

How to Grow your Biceps Fast

Our arms are the most visibly enticing muscle group in the body. Since our childhood days, we have been giving bicep pose. Big arms are very imposing and are very daunting to non-lifters. Whenever you see a big set of arms bulging through a tight fitted shirt, it is a sight to behold. Like any […]

Skipping Ropes For Fitness

Those pursuing a healthy lifestyle will know the importance of skipping in their exercise regimen. Skipping is a very simple yet effective cardio vascular exercise, which not only warms your body for the more rigorous training but also builds your stamina, develops a sense of timing and can increase your strength remarkably. For these many […]

Yoga Poses For Quick Weight Loss

Want a simple method of losing weight? Yoga is an ideal solution for weight loss. Many yoga studios conduct special classes for people looking to lose weight. If there are no special Weight Loss Yoga classes in your area, any beginner’s class conducting Hatha and Bikram Yoga. But always consult your doctor first. Yoga is […]

Tai Chi for Teenagers

Teenage years are the most difficult years of a person’s life. It can lead to anxiety, confusion, depression and low self-esteem. Mood swings occur frequently due to the hormonal changes occurring in the teen years. Practicing Tai Chi regularly allows us to understand that we are in control of how we opt to react to […]

Benefits of Sarvangasana or the Shoulder Stand

Sarvanga means “all-limbs” or “full-body posture”. It is so called, as its benefit is applicable for whole body. The most vital advantage of Sarvangasana (Shoulder Stand) is that the thyroid gland starts working at highest efficiency. The thyroid gland is primarily responsible for proper weight and youthful looks. Sarvangasana also controls the pituitary and sex […]

Kettler Rowing Machine Benefits and Review

Rowing machines are one of the excellent fitness machines for a full body workout. Rowing machines are some of the exercise equipment that allows you to work almost all muscle groups in your body. They offer you a nice aerobic exercise. They are the best fitness equipment for weight loss, better stamina, burn calories and […]