How to Build Triceps

Many people ignore the importance of the triceps, they always focus on their biceps. Though biceps are much more used, weak triceps can cause serious problems in your life. The tricep is the muscle right opposite the bicep on your upper arm, and it’s role is straighten your arm immediately after bending. Gymnasts must have […]

Strength Does Not Equal Size

There may be a correlation between strength and size but no direct causation. Many lilliputian sized Olympic lifters continue to gain strength year after year despite the fact their body mass remains the same. On the other hand there are hulking bodybuilders who are not as strong as they look. This is why “Strongman Contests” […]

How To Get A Cut Body

Getting ripped or cut is a dilemma faced by many. What does it imply? It just means your muscle tone is clearly visible. You can view muscle outline with its various details. You can be big and cut or just be toned and defined and be cut. Having ripped muscles is not connected to size. […]

Shaping those Flabby Thighs and Hips

A mundane task to say the least, working on thighs and hips for any woman, is quite a task. And for a good reason too. Genetically, women are predisposed to accumulating fat in the hips and the thigh region, thereby making it harder for them to lose that extra kgs as age advances on. To […]

Tips to Build Muscle Mass

Everything in your life will generally have two ways to success- the short route and the long one. However quick result yielding the short path may seem, it is always better to take the longer route. You may have to put a lot of effort in it, but the results will be very impressive. The […]

Pilates: Get Your Mind And Body In Shape

Pilates was developed by Joseph Pilates in Germany. Pilates is beneficial for all. Many popular artistes have started this fitness mantra and gained from it, so it has become extremely popular. Pilates helps in losing weight, reducing stress, boosts energy, makes your spine flexibles, improves blood circulation, increases stamina etc. Pilates targets the central part […]

The Best Exercises To Lose Weight

Exercise that pushes your heart rate closest to your targeted heart rate is the most suitable exercise to get rid of fat. You should exercise with sufficient intensity to raise your pulse rate, which in turn speeds up the fat loss process. The exercises that bring your heart rate close to your targeted heart rate […]

Get 6 Pack Abs In 8 Weeks

A well developed 6 pack is the ultimate sign of masculinity. But for most men, seeing it is difficult due to the layer of fat covering the abdomen. The only way to get that elusive 6 pack is to reduce the overall body fat. Follow this nutritional plan to lose at least 2 pounds each […]

How to Stretch Your Calves

Stretching your calf muscles is important to avoid injuries that may incur when undertaking any intense activity. Stretching your calves is a great method to help in curing plantar fasciitis, also known as heel spurs. Steps 1) Warm up. Prepare your muscles for stretching by walking around or jogging for some time. 2) Stand with […]

Tai Chi

Established on the concepts of the Chinese art of practicing Medicine, Tai Chi is an art, which must be practiced in order to remain healthy. Chi, which is a person’s inner energy, is present from the time of his birth till his death. This energy is an essential factor in determining your health status during […]