How to Do Commando Sit Ups

Commando sit ups are a testing exercise for adults and an enjoyable exercise for children. They are a more intense and all round abdominal workout for an adult looking for change from the basic sit up. Commando Sit ups are excellent for groups of children as kids can perform them with their friends as partners. […]

Elliptical Trainer Reviews

Reading the reviews on the use of elliptical trainer machine is an excellent thing. These machines themselves are excellent, as they offer you a superb workout that is safe for your waistline and your joints. Moreover, they are comparatively affordable than many home gyms. Besides the elliptical trainer machine reviews will give you a good […]

Proteins for Bodybuilding

Bodybuilding is a process where in the muscle fibers undergo growth due to microscopic damage to them due to over stretching while lifting weights. This causes that burning pain and the subsequent stiffness the next day after you’ve worked out a muscle group. But muscle damage is no reason to stop your workout. Instead it’s […]

How to Get Wider Shoulders

Looking to impress girls with your wide shoulders? Want to big and strong after putting on your favorite t-shirt? Many men want broad shoulders but not many have. Here we tell you how to obtain those elusive broad shoulders. Steps 1) Exercise your shoulders. Do movements like the military press, the Arnold press, lateral and […]

Landice Treadmill

Landice Inc. has been operating for more than 35 years and exclusively manufactures treadmills. Landice has installed more than 50,000 treadmills in health clubs and gyms. Landice treadmills are commonly regarded as commercial treadmills. Not many people can afford Landice treadmills due to their high prices starting from $2995. Landice manufactures commercial and high end […]

Walking to Improve Your Fitness

Walking is one of the most common physical activities we perform. However when using walking as a type of exercise, start slowly. Starting any exercise quite quickly can lead to injury. The same holds true even for walking. It is an excellent workout for people leading a sedentary lifestyle or are grossly overweight. It is […]

Yoga Anti aging Workout

If you want the excellent antiaging schedule for your skin and body, then you should use an antiaging cream and practice an antiaging routine, like yoga, to look and feel a lot younger than your age. Here we’ll consider 5 of the most famous kinds of yoga and see what they comprise: Hatha, Vinyasa, Iyengar, […]

How to Strengthen Your Ankles

Your ankles are one of the most important organs of your body. They link to your feet, allowing you to walk, run, swim, or do any activity you want to do. So come to think of it, all the activities need ankle movement. Strengthening your ankles, ensures you will always achieve you objective. Steps 1) […]

Strength Does Not Equal Size

There may be a correlation between strength and size but no direct causation. Many lilliputian sized Olympic lifters continue to gain strength year after year despite the fact their body mass remains the same. On the other hand there are hulking bodybuilders who are not as strong as they look. This is why “Strongman Contests” […]

Ease Lower Back Pain By Exercising

Regular exercise is essential in order to make your back stronger and allow you to go back slowly to daily activity. There are many exercises for lower back that will provide relief or eliminate your lower back pain. You can get excellent results within 10-20 minutes of doing lower back exercises, 1-3 times a day. […]