How Vitamins Work?

There are two types of vitamins: 1) Water soluble (Vitamin C, B etc) 2) Fat soluble (Vitamin K, A, D, E etc) When a person takes water- soluble vitamins it get absorbed in the body cells/tissues in small amounts and the rest in eliminated from the body in the form of urine. The body on […]

What is Gourmet Coffee

Since it was first discovered, coffee has become one of the most popular drinks, primarily due to its strong flavor and alertness quality. Till now, coffee vendors provided few options other than the regular, short black, long black, latte, cappuccino, vienna and their variations. Ranging from mild Italian espresso to thick strong Turkish coffee, the […]

Organic Honey

Amongst the various types of honeys available in the market, the organic honey is rapidly gaining popularity. You may see it placed on the shelves of your grocery stores, with a hefty price tag attached to it, making you wonder the difference between it and the other varieties of honey. But there is a major […]

Buying Meat Online Vs Buying Directly From Shop

Almost everything, including food products, can be purchased when you go online shopping. The comfort and convenience of sitting in front of the computer, going through as many websites as you want and then clicking your mouse to place the order for the products and services that you desire has made online shopping popular all […]

How Magnetic Therapy Works?

Indians, Chinese and Japanese have used magnetic therapy for years for treating pains. The therapy uses a magnetic field to treat chronic pain. Usually magnets with north and south poles were used but after extensive research it has been proved that using one pole (north or negative), which has a stronger magnetic field to be […]

9 Facts About Chocolate

Chocolate is one of the most loved foods by people of all ages. It is made from the beans of cacao tree. Since these beans are very bitter, sugar is added to cocoa solids and cocoa butter and along with some other components, chocolate is prepared and sold to people. Chocolate is a popular gift […]

Organic Cafes In Auckland Central

It would be understandable if you associate a cafeteria as a place which does not serve healthy food! After all is not a cafe more associated with: baked goodies of all kinds, fried snack items, beverages laden with sugar and the never-ending temptation of an array of delectable goods? But, your perception of a cafeteria […]

Chocolate is Good for All

Since ages, chocolate is loved by everyone due to its special taste. Many experts have noted that chocolates are unhealthy and continuous eating often results in tooth decay. Some medical experts have stated that chocolates contain sugar substances and thus add calories to the body and increase the sugar levels in the blood. But, it […]

Can Bananas cause Stomach Problems

Bananas contain 3 natural sugars – sucrose, fructose and glucose along with fibre. A banana provides immediate, long-drawn and large increase in energy. Research shows just 2 bananas give sufficient energy for an intense 90-minute workout. No wonder this fruit is the highly favored by the world’s leading sportsmen. But besides energy a banana can […]