Jamaican foods

Ackee and Codfish This dish is regarded as Jamaica’s national dish. The fleshy, yellow portion of a seed pod from the ackee fruit is cooked with cod fish. Cooked ackee resembles scrambled egg. It is normally served with roasted breadfruit, boiled bananas or fried dumplings in Jamaica. Callaloo This plant is closely related to collard […]


In simple terms, breakfast means a meal that breaks fast that you undertake while asleep. Since it is the first meal of the day, we should eat breakfast in the morning. During the weekdays, many Americans opt for a quick breakfast. However on the weekend or holidays they eat a lavish traditional breakfast. The breakfast […]

Espresso Coffee For Coffee Drinkers

Espresso coffee has gained more popularity today than in the past to aggressive marketing adopted by coffee giants. Our popular drinks today like lattes, cappuccinos, mochas and machiatos use espresso instead of traditional filter or drip coffee. But many people are not aware of the meaning of the term espresso. The first sip of an […]

Everyday Nutrition

Food is the basic necessity of humankind, and hence has been studied a lot, since times immemorial. We need food for survival and protection. The Stone Age people collected berries and hunted animals in the areas where they stayed. This provided them with the natural sources of minerals, vitamins, fats and proteins etc., essential for […]

Delicious Chocolate Gifts

There is hardly anybody who wouldn’t love chocolate gifts. But people love different flavors of chocolates. Some may prefer very sweet chocolate while others like dark and bitter chocolate. White chocolate is a favorite of some. Irrespective of the chocolate taste you prefer, you can rest assured that there is a chocolate to uplift your […]

5 Healthy Snack Ideas

There are various snacks that don’t need much time to prepare but have rich nutritional content. These snacks are also very economical than the junk food, besides most junk foods promote fat gain but are poor in calories. The junk food also makes you feel slow and lethargic, not needed when you’re hungry and tired. […]

Guide To Bottle Service In Las Vegas

If people were asked to describe Las Vegas, they would probably do so by using a few specific adjectives. Words such as the following fit Las Vegas so very aptly: Vibrant, Permissive, Fun, Crowded and Memorable The one thing that characterizes the city of Las Vegas is the immense number of people that visit it. […]

Low-Calorie Salad Fillings

Are you becoming fat by eating salad? Certain salads have lot more calories than a triple cheeseburger, due to excess of high-calorie toppings like dressing, cheese and croutons with some instances of lettuce and tomatoes. The secret to get a filling, low- calorie salad is to go for various types of low -calorie, nutrient-rich components. […]

Health Benefits Of Almonds

An almond nut is actually the seed of the fruit of the almond tree. It is off white in colour and has oval shape. Then there is a thin brownish skin, followed by the hard shell. There are 2 varieties of almond: sweet and bitter almond. Sweet almond is normally eaten. Bitter almonds give almond […]