Herbs To Reduce Stress

The first thing to reduce stress is changing your lifestyle totally. Also, change your diet in order to fulfill the nutritional requirements of stress. Hence your diet should consist of foods, which when combined, would provide all the essential nutrients. It has been proved that a diet containing plenty of seeds, nuts and grains, vegetables, […]

External Hemorrhoids Facts

External hemorrhoids are and their treatment is quite a confusing topic. Many say you must have a certain external hemorrhoids remedy for them, but the fact is that there is not much difference between them and internal or thrombosed. As both of them have the same causes, they should be treated in the same way. […]

Tea Tree Oil For Gum Diseases

Gum disease or gingivitis, is one of those diseases that in many instances, is completely avoidable. If you take good care of your teeth and gums, you will not have to face the pain, the cost or the other problems that can result from gum disease. Gingivitis begins when bacteria enter the area near your […]

Approach To Cure Barrett’s Esophagus

According to statistics given by the National Digestive Diseases Information Clearinghouse, NDDIC, Barrett’s esophagus: • Affects an estimated 1.6 to 6.8% of the population • Men are more vulnerable to this condition and • The average age at diagnosis is 55. More often than, people with severe acid reflux or GERD develop Barrett’s esophagus and […]

Tips To Boost Your Bodys Defense

With every change in season, we suffer from different diseases. Though we blame it on weather change, actually it is our weakened immune system to be blamed. Our immune system is our body’s defense mechanism that protects us against infections caused by pathogens. When it becomes weak, it is unable to protect us and we […]

The Grapefruit Diet Plan

The grapefruit diet is effective for a short time but fails miserably in long term. This means if you want to lose weight rapidly and then regain in within a month, then this is the diet for you. But for a permanent solution to weight loss, this method fails drastically. These are the reasons. The […]

How does Pritkins diet work?

In 1950, Nathan Pritkins developed the Pritkins diet. Pritkins diet is a diet, which is high in dietary fiber and low in fat. It is believed that the diet prevents the onset of heart problems. Food, which is less than four hundred calories per pound is selected and processed, carbohydrates are completely eliminated. You can […]

Managing Sinus

Sinusitis, as the name suggests, is the inflammation of the sinuses present in the skull bones, mainly the frontal sinuses, maxillary sinuses, ethmoidal sinuses etc. Sinusitis, based on the duration of symptoms, is classified as acute and chronic. In acute sinusitis, patient comes with a history of symptoms lasting not more than 3 weeks. Causative […]

Nature Pure Cleanse Review

Are you wondering how the Hollywood actors and actresses could maintain their bodies over the years? Do you want to achieve the same results? The secret of their ideal body and fitness is the method of colon cleansing. It is not a secret that our bodies are forever endangered by factors such as poisons, processed […]

Natural Pain Killers

We all want to avoid pain, yet it is quite common. It could be as a headache, period pain, muscle ache or joint tenderness. The method used to eliminate a pain is to take an over-the-counter (OTC) painkiller. However this method has various side effects, particularly if used for long. Instead here are some natural […]