Allergies Treatment

The allergy or hypersensitivity of a person to certain substances denotes the hyper reaction developed in response to influence of foreign substances or allergens. The reason for occurrence of allergic reaction is the violation of immunity. Treatment: 1. Keep the patient away from the substance or allergen. 2. Specific immunotherapy – formation of blocking antibodies […]

Natural Cures for Mouth Yeast Infection

Mouth yeast infections, or oral thrush as it is normally called, is a very irritating and uncomfortable problem. It is caused by the Candida Albicans yeast that is present in our mouths since we are born. Only when it is allowed to mutate, can it lead to problems. This happens when your defence mechanism is […]

How Reiki heals

Reiki is a conventional method of healing that originated in Japan and developed by Mikao Usui. It was developed further by its initial practitioners, who learnt it straight from Mikao. They spread Reiki outside the US, while also commercializing it. The initial step for healing a person using Reiki is to learn the art itself. […]

Home Remedies for Head Louse or Get Rid of Head Lice

What is a Head Louse? Head louse is a kind of louse which thrives and survives in the hair of humans. There are many different kinds of lice, but head louse is one of the most irritating. It is regular among children as it spreads easily, generally by using hair brushes of a person infested […]

Foods that heal

What you eat is really important. Based on the nutrients that you stock up on and those, which you do not eat, the body reacts accordingly. Deficiency of some nutrients, which the body needs essentially, can lead to conditions, which are nutrient specific. To avoid such possibilities, here are a few pointers, which can help […]

How to treat Keratosis Pilaris

It is easy to be confused between keratosis pilaris and acne as they both look same in lots of ways. The lumpy, rough skin and pimples are symptoms of both keratosis pilaris and acne. Keratosis pilaris can be summarized as a seborrhec problem causing itchy skin. This condition is unrelated to overactive sebaceous glands, unlike […]

Cost of Peritoneal Mesotheliomas Treatments

Peritoneal Mesothelioma is a malignant condition that is characterized by tumor growths formed in the serosal lining of the peritoneum. This is a fatal condition once it sets in as most of the time, the diagnosis is made in the later stages of the disease cycle. It is thought that exposure to asbestos is the […]

Symptoms of Hemroids

Hemroids also called as piles are caused when the rectum veins swell. It can occur in anybody. These swellings or lumps develop within the anus walls and surrounding the anal opening. It is very common – more than 50% of people experience this disease. Hemroids affects the anal and lower rectal parts of our bodies. […]

External Hemorrhoids Facts

External hemorrhoids are and their treatment is quite a confusing topic. Many say you must have a certain external hemorrhoids remedy for them, but the fact is that there is not much difference between them and internal or thrombosed. As both of them have the same causes, they should be treated in the same way. […]

How to Treat Anemia

Anemia means deficiency of red blood cells. These cells supply oxygen to all the body’s tissues. 3 chief causes of anemia are: • Excess loss of blood due to menstruation, internal bleeding, an accident • Excess loss of blood cells caused by disease or an accident • Inadequate production of red blood cells due to […]