How to Cure Athletes Foot

Not only athletes but others too can have athlete’s foot. It’s a condition that will trouble you if the environment in your feet is suitable for supporting the micro-organisms responsible for it. Athlete’s foot is a series of the itchy lesions that found in feet, generally amid the toes. It’s a very troublesome condition and […]

How to Treat an Eye Sty

One of the more annoying things in life is to get up with an eye sty infection! There are two ways to reduce your discomfort: you can blame it on the Staphylococcus bacteria responsible for it, or follow these steps to eliminate that eye sty and keep you in good condition quickly. An eye sty […]

Rolfing And Scoliosis

Rotoscoliosis is a ongoing and continuous pathology and always fails to retain its balance. The central nervous system initiates scoliosis that shows up as rotation, counter-rotation, and compression in the structure and tissue. As body comprises 80% water, it is difficult to understand how rotoscoliotic bodies become highly stiff. The pathology of the body sends […]

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Symptoms and Treatments

It can be a twinge in the wrists while typing or a sharp pain that disrupts your work. You ignore it and carry on with your work, but the pain and discomfort persists. If it is a regular problem that hampers your work, it is quite likely that it is not a normal pain. You […]

Fenugreek Medicinal Uses

Fenugreek Fenugreek are tough, irregularly shaped seeds that can be used both as a spice and as an herbal medicine. The seeds have a typical smell and a slightly bitter taste. Fenugreek is originally from Asia and southeastern Europe. Uses and Benefits: Fenugreek is derived from the herbal medical traditions of the Middle East, India, […]

Weight Loss Program – Is It Beneficial

If you are reading this article, then most probably you are overweight and planning to start a weight loss program. There are many weight loss programs out there that have been beneficial for many and there are many that have caused more problems than benefits. So, when you embark on a weight loss program, consult […]

Heartburn And Acid Reflux Cure At Home

There is no need to rush to a pharmacy to buy expensive prescription drugs that can cause adverse side effects. Instead, just walk over to your kitchen to get a quick relief from heartburn. Ginger, almond, fennel and milk etc are not only must-haves in your kitchen but also have excellent healing properties and can […]

Enjoying A Career With Inspiration From Bipolar Quotes

The mind is indeed a powerful thing and with just a little bit of inspiration and motivation it can help the body and the individual cope with probably any type of disease. This is even more important when one is talking about a disease like bipolar disorder. Depression and mood swings are hallmarks of an […]

Oxy-Gen For Proper Body Functioning

Oxygen is the lifeline of our body. Without it living on the Earth would not have been possible. Plants, animals and humans need it for their survival. You as a human being too need some amount of oxygen to breathe and continue with their bodily functions. Many chemical processes like digestion and assimilation that take […]

Sea Salts to Kill Toxins

Sea salts, besides used as a supplement to the bath, are involved in the removal of toxins and diminish digestive systems when taken. Uses as purgatives, sea salts are the best treatment for digestive problems. The important chemical for proper body functioning is salt. It is a part of the sports drinks and it can […]