How to Establish a Worm Farm

Beginiing a worm farm is quite simple and can be achieved indoors without emanating any stench, making it a beneficial kitchen waste disposal system. Steps 1. Take a big container or bucket (or big aluminum trash cans). 2. Add some inches of shredded newspaper at the base for the bedding 3. Then purchase as many […]

Growing tomatoes

It is really a wonderful activity to grow tomatoes around your house. You can retain the tomato on the plant itself till it turns fully ripe. But when you are buying them from the stores or in the market you have to sometimes pick up the raw ones. The ripe ones are not always available. […]

Nintendo Wii

Wii is quite an impressive game. Its horsepower is not as great as its rivals, Microsoft and Sony. But the overall product is great, quite sleek, elegant, well-designed and has attractive look. The Wii has great controller, small console and has a lot of potential yet to be tapped. But it has edge over its […]

Tips for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is basically cutting a hole in an otherwise frozen water body and catching fishes during the cold weather. It is a serious matter for some, while for others, it is just another way of fishing during the cold weather. Whichever group you may belong to, here are some tips which can help you […]

Watermark Pads (Scrapbooking)

There are a few techniques required to use a watermark pad i.e. watermarking, embossing, chalking. As the first step involved is watermarking, you require a few things to make it and they are a Watermark pad, colored cardstock and stamp. You just stamp your image on the cardstock and it appears two times darker than […]

The game of Bingo

Bingo is one of the games of fortune and the rules of this game are also very simple. Before joining the game, you must first buy a card marked with the letters B, I, N, G, O right across the face on the top column. Below this column, you will find another column inscribed with […]

Tips to Identify Birds

Many people know a lot more about birds than they think. A few of them take up bird watching as their hobby. Bird watching is one of the more popular hobbies. But it is a time-consuming process to research the birds properly for proper identification. Nevertheless it is an interesting hobby if you make an […]

What you need to look for when buying a boat?

For a first timer buying a new boat could be a major problem. Because there are many technicalities when it comes to buying a boat. Given below are a few valuable tips for the buyer. Who will use the boat? Are you going to use the boat for yourself or for family use? Primarily we […]

Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a great method of storing memorable events and ideas in an individual’s or group’s life. They are more meaningful than a scrapbook as they can contain not only the mementos but also the memories related to the quilt itself. It brings back the memories of fun you have had as a kid […]

Briefly explain the printing process on a T-shirt

In today’s fast paced life we have a lot of technologies that can be used to improve our lifestyle. We can even make clothing as we deem fit. Take T-Shirts. We can print T-shirts with anything we like. For example, it can be a photo of your beloved wife or some funny stuff like cartoons, […]