Tips to Identify Birds

Many people know a lot more about birds than they think. A few of them take up bird watching as their hobby. Bird watching is one of the more popular hobbies. But it is a time-consuming process to research the birds properly for proper identification. Nevertheless it is an interesting hobby if you make an […]

The game of Bingo

Bingo is one of the games of fortune and the rules of this game are also very simple. Before joining the game, you must first buy a card marked with the letters B, I, N, G, O right across the face on the top column. Below this column, you will find another column inscribed with […]

Fly Fishing in Canada or Alaska

Fishing in itself is a great outdoor activity. Ask any one who’s been there, done that and they’ll not be able to agree more with this. However, ask someone who’s been into this activity if fly fishing is better that its regular counterpart and he’ll instantly say yes. This is because of many reasons. Firstly, […]

Tips To Attract Birds To Your Home

If bird watching is your hobby, a bird feeder is a must-have tool for you. It is an outdoor instrument meant for feeding the birds and is highly popular amongst the bird watchers. To use it successfully, you need to place the bird feeder in the correct direction, put correct types of seeds and choose […]

Taking Care of Your Bonsai

Bonsai is the art of growing trees that are of tiny-stature, within the household premises. The word Bonsai is basically a Chinese term, which denotes a shrub or a tree planted in a shallow tray. It plays an important role by adding value to the living room. The following are the valuable tips that can […]

Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a great method of storing memorable events and ideas in an individual’s or group’s life. They are more meaningful than a scrapbook as they can contain not only the mementos but also the memories related to the quilt itself. It brings back the memories of fun you have had as a kid […]

How to become a Singer?

Everybody loves a good song. There are a lot of people who love singing and there are various types of singers such as bathroom singers, classical singers, professional singers who sing songs based on genres such as country, pop, rap etc. If you are aspiring to be a singer you need to experiment with the […]

How to Create a Vegetable Garden

Grow your own vegetables, or flowers using this easy technique is quite straightforward. There is no need to use wood in this very simple technique, only your garden tools and plants. Steps 1. Fix your area. It should get lot of sunlight, at least 50%, daily. It should be away from trees. If there is […]

Playing Online Sudoku Game

Sudoku puzzle game is driving America and other parts of the world crazy. It is heavily advertised in newspapers, magazines and on newspaper stands. You may have heard about it from your family and friends. Though you may be ignorant about the meaning of the word Sudoku, the details become clear after you see the […]

Worm Fishing

There are two types of people who go fishing. One, who are there just to spend some time with closed ones and have a good time, irrespective of whether they catch any fishes or not. The other kind of people, take this more seriously than you would have thought, and for such types, here’s a […]