What dress should I wear for my Prom?

Teenage girls spend more for their prom than any other function. All girls would like to out perform others as far as fashion is concerned. The dress needs to be attractive as well as make you feel comfortable and look confident. Red is the hottest color this year and you can choose red skirts, which […]

Tips for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is basically cutting a hole in an otherwise frozen water body and catching fishes during the cold weather. It is a serious matter for some, while for others, it is just another way of fishing during the cold weather. Whichever group you may belong to, here are some tips which can help you […]

Tips to Identify Birds

Many people know a lot more about birds than they think. A few of them take up bird watching as their hobby. Bird watching is one of the more popular hobbies. But it is a time-consuming process to research the birds properly for proper identification. Nevertheless it is an interesting hobby if you make an […]

Tips To Attract Birds To Your Home

If bird watching is your hobby, a bird feeder is a must-have tool for you. It is an outdoor instrument meant for feeding the birds and is highly popular amongst the bird watchers. To use it successfully, you need to place the bird feeder in the correct direction, put correct types of seeds and choose […]

Briefly explain the printing process on a T-shirt

In today’s fast paced life we have a lot of technologies that can be used to improve our lifestyle. We can even make clothing as we deem fit. Take T-Shirts. We can print T-shirts with anything we like. For example, it can be a photo of your beloved wife or some funny stuff like cartoons, […]

Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a great method of storing memorable events and ideas in an individual’s or group’s life. They are more meaningful than a scrapbook as they can contain not only the mementos but also the memories related to the quilt itself. It brings back the memories of fun you have had as a kid […]

Native American People in Canada – The Kootenai

When it comes to Native American tribes, the common man probably knows about their oneness with nature and the role the tribes played in shaping what we know as the USA today. If you are a fan of Western movies and books then you may also be familiar with names such as Blackfoot, Crow, Sioux, […]

Swimming in shark infested waters

Though it sounds crazy, innumerable people throughout the world are actually doing it. Shark diving is becoming more and more popular throughout the world as tourists and scuba divers encounter their fears to jump into the water to face one of the most feared animals on earth. Whether being kept safely in the cage or […]

How to Establish a Worm Farm

Beginiing a worm farm is quite simple and can be achieved indoors without emanating any stench, making it a beneficial kitchen waste disposal system. Steps 1. Take a big container or bucket (or big aluminum trash cans). 2. Add some inches of shredded newspaper at the base for the bedding 3. Then purchase as many […]

Taking Care of Your Bonsai

Bonsai is the art of growing trees that are of tiny-stature, within the household premises. The word Bonsai is basically a Chinese term, which denotes a shrub or a tree planted in a shallow tray. It plays an important role by adding value to the living room. The following are the valuable tips that can […]