Cleaning Cubic Zirconia

The elementary principle of jewelry care is to use all lotions, make-up, hair spray, etc. before wearing the jewelry. Pearls are generally more affected by the solvents in hair sprays. But many people do not remove rings and some do only rarely. When jewelry undergoes cleaning, usually a ring that is never removed from the […]

Native American People in Canada – The Kootenai

When it comes to Native American tribes, the common man probably knows about their oneness with nature and the role the tribes played in shaping what we know as the USA today. If you are a fan of Western movies and books then you may also be familiar with names such as Blackfoot, Crow, Sioux, […]

GPS Technology For Fishing

Like any good fisherman, you would love to come home with a big catch. However, tracing the fish can be a big problem. Most of the times you may have to return disappointed. But now with GPS technology, help is at hand. GPS technology not only allows you locate the fish but also remembers the […]

Tips for Ice Fishing

Ice fishing is basically cutting a hole in an otherwise frozen water body and catching fishes during the cold weather. It is a serious matter for some, while for others, it is just another way of fishing during the cold weather. Whichever group you may belong to, here are some tips which can help you […]

Briefly explain the printing process on a T-shirt

In today’s fast paced life we have a lot of technologies that can be used to improve our lifestyle. We can even make clothing as we deem fit. Take T-Shirts. We can print T-shirts with anything we like. For example, it can be a photo of your beloved wife or some funny stuff like cartoons, […]

The game of Bingo

Bingo is one of the games of fortune and the rules of this game are also very simple. Before joining the game, you must first buy a card marked with the letters B, I, N, G, O right across the face on the top column. Below this column, you will find another column inscribed with […]

Creating Effects With Decoupage

Most professional crafters are already familiar and have enjoyed designing stunning cards, scrapbook pages and gifts with decoupage. Decoupage is derived from the French word ‘cut’ and originated in the 18th century. In its initial years decoupage may have been regarded as a child craft because it involves cutting pieces paper and layering them one […]

How to Make A Sooky Doll

Do you know what a sooky doll is? It is a doll that resembles live children that stand in a corner sulking, giving rise to the name “sooky doll”. These dolls are quite simple to make and are excellent gift ideas. Sooky Dolls can be made in various different ways. Some prefer to make them […]

Worm Fishing

There are two types of people who go fishing. One, who are there just to spend some time with closed ones and have a good time, irrespective of whether they catch any fishes or not. The other kind of people, take this more seriously than you would have thought, and for such types, here’s a […]

Developing A Low Maintenance Garden

Many people think having a garden full of beautiful plants and flowers is lot of additional work and attention. But it is not true. Follow these tips to create a garden of your dreams but without having to spend any extra time and effort. Beds And Borders Attractive, properly-filled beds and borders make garden attractive […]