Personal Care

HPV Facial Warts Removal

Facial warts are enough to reduce anyone’s confidence and self-esteem. Kinds of warts seen on the face can be: flat warts, juvenile warts or common warts. Facial warts occur due to the Human Papilloma virus (HPV) virus and are highly infectious. As they affect your face, it is better to remove them at the earliest […]

The New Age Contact Lenses

Fashion has reached a new high. People are going all the way to just to make a statement. Therefore, it is no wonder that now-a-days there are cosmetic contact lenses which are not intended for correcting the refractive power of the user but to make him or her look trendy. Having said that, lets see […]

Japanese Tattoo Art and History

The elegant and symbolically rich body alteration of Japanese tattoos has around in Japan for over 10,000 years. Many Shogun rulers banned Japanese tattoo and were just used in branding and punishing criminals. Polynesians have been getting complex armband tattoos since the 17th century with an ancient and very tortuous process using soot and a […]

Girls Foot Tattoo Design

Tattoos aren’t just for men. Today, girl’s foot tattoo designs are rapidly gaining popularity. The foot is surely one of the most distinct parts where you can place a tattoo. As with any other tattoo though, going for a foot tattoo is an important decision. Here are some vital things you should know regarding foot […]

Toenail Fungus Removal at Home

One problem that is rarely discussed yet common amongst many is nail fungus. Though the sight is ugly, leading to some embarrassment, it is not a severe problem. But in the long run, it can lead to some nail problems if not treated. Unfortunately many people are embarrassed to talk about this problem. As a […]

Feet Care

First and foremost, it is essential to wear shoes that don’t pinch. You can change your shoes at work, so keep an extra pair at your work place. Change your footwear before you leave, and if possible, go bare feet also sometimes. If dry skin on your feet is the only thing that bothers you, […]

Hair Replacement Surgery

Hair replacement is turning more popular these years especially among people suffering from severe hair loss problem. Because of advanced medical technology and a high success rate of hair replacement its cost has become more reasonable and its results has come out with less complications. If you are planning for hair replacement, please keep in […]

How to Stop Tattoos From Itching and Pricking

Any person who has obtained a tattoo knows that at some point of healing, the tattoo will itch seriously and there is no way to prevent it from happening. However there are various methods of halting itching of a healing tattoo, without really scratching it. Any grouping of these solutions will prevent your tattoo from […]

Vitamins For Acne

Acne is a normal problem with teenagers. It is caused by hormonal imbalance in the body. It results from the functioning of overactive sebaceous glands found in the skin. In order to restore the internal balance and enhance the body’s immunity against bacterial attacks that cause acne, nutrients such as Vitamins and minerals are very […]

How to minimize Enlarged Pores

Pores are a way for the body’s oil glands to oil and safeguard the body and are present as little holes in the skin. Your oil glands secrete more oil during teens and so enlarge further to provide for it. They remain enlarged till you reach menopause, when they reduce to the ideal, completely non-evident […]