Personal Care

How To Cure Back Acne

A common problem faced by teenagers is acne. Sometimes, it disappears once you have crossed puberty. But many a times, it can go into adulthood and become an embarrassing problem. When the hair follicles and the skin get blocked due to excess secretion of sebum by the skin, the dead cells are trapped within the […]

Home Remedies For Fingernail And Toenail Fungus Infections

If you are suffering from fingernail and/or toenail fungal infection, it can become very embarrassing, as you cannot prevent others from noticing your infected nail. Hence people hate this fungus. The infected nail is thicker than the uninfected one and is either yellowish or brownish (sometimes blackish) in color. The fungus can also infect the […]

Prevention of Nail Problems

Nails are made up of dead keratin tissues containing fat and water. They are non-organic and do not perform any function. But they are prone to several problems such as turning brittle, deformed, or getting exposed to various infections such as fungus or algae. There are various problems pertaining to the nail plate. Some of […]

How to minimize Enlarged Pores

Pores are a way for the body’s oil glands to oil and safeguard the body and are present as little holes in the skin. Your oil glands secrete more oil during teens and so enlarge further to provide for it. They remain enlarged till you reach menopause, when they reduce to the ideal, completely non-evident […]

Are contact lenses better than eyeglasses?

Contact lenses float on the surface of eye. There are two types of contact lenses. Soft lenses are made of very soft water soluble materials, which take the shape of the eye when worn. We can change these disposable lenses daily, after two weeks or once in a month depending on the brand and material. […]

Benefits of Hot Tub Sauna

Saunas are available in various shapes, sizes, and unique features. If you are looking for installing a hot tub saunas system, you have to choose which features are essential for you. This article will help you understand some of the advantages of owning hot tub saunas. Your Skin Will Benefit If you can afford the […]

How to Care For a New Tattoo

Now that you have just had that new tattoo done and its slightly tingling from the gun. The smells of the ink, the petroleum jelly, and the anti-septic solution used by your artist to clean your skin are still obvious. These are some elementary steps to allow your tattoo heal properly in order to look […]

Lice Home Remedies

Running a search on the Internet will throw a large number of home remedies with supporting testimonials. While testimonials do carry some weight, don’t rely too much on them. The reason is that for each testimonial claiming its effectiveness, there is another posting that disputes it. Hence it is important you conduct a thorough research. […]

How to remove stretch marks

As we pass through different stages of our lives, be it puberty, pregnancy or even on a holiday when we eat a little too much, and gain weight, we inadvertently develop stretch marks on some part of our body. Even body builders can have stretch marks, in cases when the growth of the muscle is […]

What is Brazilian Waxing

Many people are familiar with the procedure of waxing. However today, “Brazilian Waxing” has become very popular recently. Just like “Hollywood Waxing”. This waxing also involves removing hair from genital region, but with a major difference. The Hollywood version consists of complete eradication of all pubic hair but in the Brazilian waxing, a neat strip […]