Personal Care

Get back your radiant smile with Clear Braces

They say the first impression is the most lasting impression. It is only obvious that when you meet someone new, you would want them to find you appealing. One of the most appealing aspects of any person is their face and if that aspect is dented due to an imperfect smile that can be a […]

Taking Care of Hair

Today, hair treatment is studied as a subject in cosmetic centers and medical schools. A systematic therapy is required to make your hair look nourished. The three main stages involved are cleansing, toning, and conditioning. As there are various types of hair textures such as oily, normal, and dry, treatment should be different for each […]

The New Age Contact Lenses

Fashion has reached a new high. People are going all the way to just to make a statement. Therefore, it is no wonder that now-a-days there are cosmetic contact lenses which are not intended for correcting the refractive power of the user but to make him or her look trendy. Having said that, lets see […]

Ayurvedic and Home Remedy For Teeth Whitening

Ayurveda, an ancient Indian medical science has documented various methods by which you can restore the whiteness of teeth. This article covers these methods along with few other tips and pointers. Herbs Effective in Whitening of Teeth 1) Babul (Acacia arabica): There are no words to describe the usefulness of babul in whitening of teeth. […]

Facial Exercise For Anti Aging

Double chins, softening jowls and pouches near your mouth imply your face is showing noticeable signs of aging and these areas will not become better unless you are willing to regulate the aging process. Chances are if you are more than 35 years old, you may have seen the appearance of slight sagging in specific […]

What is Brazilian Waxing

Many people are familiar with the procedure of waxing. However today, “Brazilian Waxing” has become very popular recently. Just like “Hollywood Waxing”. This waxing also involves removing hair from genital region, but with a major difference. The Hollywood version consists of complete eradication of all pubic hair but in the Brazilian waxing, a neat strip […]

Butterfly Tattoos

Butterfly tattoos are popular as the short life of the butterfly represents various stages in human life cycle. It also represents a migration to a heavenly body from an earthly one. Butterflies are beautiful insects and many people link them with childhood summers and gardens full of flowers – no wonder the butterfly has become […]

How to remove stretch marks

As we pass through different stages of our lives, be it puberty, pregnancy or even on a holiday when we eat a little too much, and gain weight, we inadvertently develop stretch marks on some part of our body. Even body builders can have stretch marks, in cases when the growth of the muscle is […]

Bathing suits for men

A bathing suit should be one that caters to your style and needs. Some points should be taken into account to help you decide the type of suit you need. Getting the right size of the waist is important since the size of the bathing suit depends on this. The measurement of the waist should […]

Vitamins that help hair grow

After 30, a person’s hair weakens and begins to fall. However growth of hair depends, to a large extent, on a diet that provides us with the necessary nutrients. Hair growth is hampered by conditions such as stress, illness and gross neglect. Unhealthy hair manifests itself as being thin and lifeless. Vitamins are essential for […]