Choosing an ideal Bird House

Among those who buy bird houses, one is the type which buys in order to give a classy look to their house. Another type of people buys them so that birds can actually come there and nest. Depending upon the type of person you are, there will be different options to rule out in order […]

Feeding Your Dog Better

With the advent of genetically engineered foods, it is advisable that we humans shun this type of food. Here is why. Always follow the same advice you offer others when it is the matter of feeding your dogs. Avoid processed dog foods. Just as you don’t feed your kids conventional soy, don’t feed your dogs […]

Suets for Birds

Those who are in the habit of feeding wild birds may probably already know what suet is, but for others, suet is nothing but animal fat. To make it more attractive for the birds, the suet generally contains seeds, fruits and even dried up insects! But before you give up on reading further, here’s a […]

Small Breeds

Boston Terrier: The Boston Terrier is an American breed of dog. They are smart and affable dogs. One of the main qualities that makes it the favorite of many people is their joyful nature, and its little size, right for compact spaces and flats. Also, the Boston terrier dogs are very clean, due to their […]

Parakeets as Pets

Caring for parakeets is the most essential part of keeping parakeets as pets. Understand that their immune systems can be very sensitive. So as soon as you see any symptom of disease, contact your veterinarian quickly. A simple infection can become fatal quite rapidly. A regular care and checkup routine of your parakeet can save […]

Questions To Ask When Buying A Horse

These are the things to find out from the owner: · If the horse is right suitable for a beginner. Many will honestly answer this question as they don’t want to harm others. · Age, height and build of the horse. Does it fit your criteria? · Color and markings, if you think they are […]

How to Clean Dog Urine

Your dog will return to a place that has urine and feces smell. So a rapid and proper clean up of any accidents is important to quick housebreaking. Here are few steps on how to clean dog urine: 1. Let dogs out regularly, particularly puppies. It may be irritating but it will save your time […]

Managing Cat Litter

Unless your cat can spend a lot of its time outdoors, then keeping a cat implies managing the cat litter. It is not the most pleasant task but it is a mandatory job because it keeps you and your cat healthy. Proper management of the cat litter means your cat will have fewer accidents when […]

The Maltese Dog

The Maltese is a small Toy dog whose height does not exceed 10 inches up to the shoulders. His weight is between 6 – 9 pounds and the body is covered by a long coat of white, straight silky fur. Maltese are very sweet and cuddly little dogs who have been favoured by the royals […]

Get your Pet Vaccinated

Your pet dog may be very active today and it may appear that this healthy lifestyle of his will never be disturbed. But there are few diseases which can disrupt your pet’s health and can even be fatal. To avoid any such conditions, you must approach your dog’s vet in order to get him vaccinated. […]