Feeding Your Dog Better

With the advent of genetically engineered foods, it is advisable that we humans shun this type of food. Here is why. Always follow the same advice you offer others when it is the matter of feeding your dogs. Avoid processed dog foods. Just as you don’t feed your kids conventional soy, don’t feed your dogs […]

Your pet is the silent healer

Pets have the ability to help the sick recover faster. Even those suffering from deep shock come round faster in the company of pets. Children who cannot read properly are encouraged to read in the presence of ‘therapy dogs’. This experiment on ‘children reading to dogs’ has been very successful. The dogs are taken to […]

Keep your pets fit and healthy

All living beings have common necessities of air, water and food to survive. Similarly, they need to be physically fit at all times. Only the exercise programs differ from species to species. Before scheduling a workout program for your pet, consult your veterinarian. Ensure that your pet is in good health and fit to start […]

How to Get Rid Of Fleas On A Puppy

Puppies are usually very young for most of chemical-based flea prevention or treatments yet they are as vulnerable to suffering from fleas like other dogs. What should you do if your puppy suffers from fleas? Here is a simple solution to free them of fleas that is simple and fast. Things Needed * Johnson and […]

Potty Training A Dog

Potty training a dog is very important if you plan to keep dog or dogs within your home. Even if you let in your dog for some time, they must be trained not to make a mess. The best time to begin training is when you first get the puppy home. It is very essential […]

Choosing an ideal Bird House

Among those who buy bird houses, one is the type which buys in order to give a classy look to their house. Another type of people buys them so that birds can actually come there and nest. Depending upon the type of person you are, there will be different options to rule out in order […]

Simple Remedies for Stinky Dogs

Dogs do have a very bad smell, despite giving them a daily bath. At time, dogs suffering from foul odor lick themselves excessively, and in fact tugging out their hair. They frequently lick themselves and their breath stinks after they do it. There are various causes why a dog smells horrible and plenty of easy […]

Don’t keep your pets thirsty

Like human beings even animals need water. Water plays a very significant role by regulating the body temperature and dissolving all the unnecessary nutrients stored in the body that can cause various gastric problems later on. Dehydration causes kidney failure, heart disease and many other serious problems. You should personally observe if the water stored […]

Suets for Birds

Those who are in the habit of feeding wild birds may probably already know what suet is, but for others, suet is nothing but animal fat. To make it more attractive for the birds, the suet generally contains seeds, fruits and even dried up insects! But before you give up on reading further, here’s a […]

Parakeets as Pets

Caring for parakeets is the most essential part of keeping parakeets as pets. Understand that their immune systems can be very sensitive. So as soon as you see any symptom of disease, contact your veterinarian quickly. A simple infection can become fatal quite rapidly. A regular care and checkup routine of your parakeet can save […]