Getting Rid of Dog Fleas

Your pet dog needs to go out and more often than not, he might just return with few fleas on him. Also, in case he interacts with other dogs, fleas might jump on to him in the meanwhile. The best way to prevent fleas from coming on your pet is to avoid his close interaction […]

Keep your pets fit and healthy

All living beings have common necessities of air, water and food to survive. Similarly, they need to be physically fit at all times. Only the exercise programs differ from species to species. Before scheduling a workout program for your pet, consult your veterinarian. Ensure that your pet is in good health and fit to start […]

How to Teach a Parrot to Talk

The most relaxing thing is to hear your parrot say ‘hello’ as soon as you come in from work. But there are many differences between the parrots, while some are excellent talkers, while others talk slowly. So start by selecting the suitable breed for you, but note, the smaller species of parrots are slow talkers […]

How to Pick a Puppy

Choosing a dog with the appropriate temperament and character begins with selecting the breed of puppy that will perfectly match your requirements and your lifestyle. Each type of dog has its own unique characteristics and instincts that are just the features of the breed and a part of the genetic makeup of the breed. A […]

Feeding Your Dog Better

With the advent of genetically engineered foods, it is advisable that we humans shun this type of food. Here is why. Always follow the same advice you offer others when it is the matter of feeding your dogs. Avoid processed dog foods. Just as you don’t feed your kids conventional soy, don’t feed your dogs […]

How do I get out cat urine in mattress

Urine contains salts and when they are on the mattress they smell very badly. The smell of the urine won’t go away quickly. It will stay in the air for some days or weeks. Even if you put the mattress in sunlight for drying, the smell won’t go away. If urine is left on the […]

How to Clean Smelly Dogs

Each dog owner has his own particular home remedy to clean a smelly dog. These include tomato juice, baking soda, tomato juice blended with baking soda, dish detergent added to baking soda, Guinness beer, vinegar, etc. Others use the most popular pet store shampoo. However it doesn’t help. Your dog stinks because he has rolled […]

Law for Pets in California

In California, Lemon Laws extend not just to computers and cars but also to cats and dogs. Although it is named as California Puppy Lemon Law, it is not just applicable to puppies but also to kittens and adult cats and dogs too. The main motive of California Puppy Lemon Law is pretty much the […]

Orthopedic Dog Bed Buying Tips

Just like us, even our pets age. And with age come some or the other health problems which may limit your dog’s mobility. This can limit your pet in doing many of those activities, which he loved to do earlier. The least we can do is to ensure that it has enough comfort while it […]

Parakeets as Pets

Caring for parakeets is the most essential part of keeping parakeets as pets. Understand that their immune systems can be very sensitive. So as soon as you see any symptom of disease, contact your veterinarian quickly. A simple infection can become fatal quite rapidly. A regular care and checkup routine of your parakeet can save […]