Law for Pets in California

In California, Lemon Laws extend not just to computers and cars but also to cats and dogs. Although it is named as California Puppy Lemon Law, it is not just applicable to puppies but also to kittens and adult cats and dogs too. The main motive of California Puppy Lemon Law is pretty much the […]

Orthopedic Dog Bed Buying Tips

Just like us, even our pets age. And with age come some or the other health problems which may limit your dog’s mobility. This can limit your pet in doing many of those activities, which he loved to do earlier. The least we can do is to ensure that it has enough comfort while it […]

Tips to Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard Naturally

Simple method of ridding your yard of fleas. This is a natural and organic method of flea control, safe for both family as well as pets. It’s cheap and harmless for the environment. Things Needed – Diatomaceous Earth – Throwaway breathing mask Steps 1 Buy diatomaceous earth, found at any organic gardening shop and few […]

Get your Pet Vaccinated

Your pet dog may be very active today and it may appear that this healthy lifestyle of his will never be disturbed. But there are few diseases which can disrupt your pet’s health and can even be fatal. To avoid any such conditions, you must approach your dog’s vet in order to get him vaccinated. […]

Getting Rid of Dog Fleas

Your pet dog needs to go out and more often than not, he might just return with few fleas on him. Also, in case he interacts with other dogs, fleas might jump on to him in the meanwhile. The best way to prevent fleas from coming on your pet is to avoid his close interaction […]

Tips To Buy A Leash For Your Dog

Flat leather or nylon webbing that is at least ½ inch wide is the best leash for your dog. You may have to visit various pet stores and department stores for getting the best leash. Stay away from fancy and useless plastic leashes, thin leather ones and chains. A very thin leash of any material […]

Tips To Litter Train A Dog

Litter boxes have been designed to be used by both cats and small dogs. A small dog lives within your house and can dirty it. A litter box is an ideal solution to potty-train your small dog. Follow these tips to get you started. – Buy a largest cat litter box. Take off the top […]

Proper Nutrition For a Pitbull

Many pet owners are inclined to disregard the importance of pitbull nutrition. This should not happen as nutrition is very important, even for your pets. Anybody who has a pitbull or any other pet should be aware that nutrition is a science and so not to use just instinct. In fact right nutrition can save […]

Small Breeds

Boston Terrier: The Boston Terrier is an American breed of dog. They are smart and affable dogs. One of the main qualities that makes it the favorite of many people is their joyful nature, and its little size, right for compact spaces and flats. Also, the Boston terrier dogs are very clean, due to their […]

How to Clean Dog Urine

Your dog will return to a place that has urine and feces smell. So a rapid and proper clean up of any accidents is important to quick housebreaking. Here are few steps on how to clean dog urine: 1. Let dogs out regularly, particularly puppies. It may be irritating but it will save your time […]