Keep your pets fit and healthy

All living beings have common necessities of air, water and food to survive. Similarly, they need to be physically fit at all times. Only the exercise programs differ from species to species. Before scheduling a workout program for your pet, consult your veterinarian. Ensure that your pet is in good health and fit to start […]

Dental Care For Your Pets

Every individual tries to keep his teeth free from all types of cavities. Similarly you must take care of your pets also. Because the disease of the teeth later affects the other organs of the body such as heart, liver, kidneys etc and therefore it is advisable to start treatment at an early stage. American […]

Chocolate Labradors

Chocolate Labradors are highly popular due to their beautiful color and rich appearance. Chocolate Labradors perform nicely in dog shows, but are usually seen more in families as both the family guard dog and the children’s play mate. This is essential because of the good-nature of these dogs, making them best companions for children. Like […]

Everything about Cocker Spaniel

The ever popular Cocker Spaniel was first introduced in Europe. A high-quality Cocker Spaniel is a faithful, simple-to-manage family dog and house pet, and is one of the most well-known breed in US right from 40s. They are multifaceted dogs and are used in hunting as well as dog games. They do not have any […]

All About Feral Cats

Feral cats do not have any owner, nor is it possible to domesticate them. They live in the wild and are the product of lost or abandoned pets. These cats are generally called as “stray” or “alley” cats. These names really describe deserted pets which were originally tamed. It is impossible to tame feral cats […]

Akita Dog Breed Info

Breed group: Working Weight: Males 75-120 lbs, Females 75-110 lbs Height: Males 26-28 inches, Females 24-26 inches Overview The Akita are natives of the Akita region in Japan, and is over 3000 years old. The Akita has become favorite of the Japanese people for a long time. Akitas are regarded as the national dogs of […]

Getting Rid of Dog Fleas

Your pet dog needs to go out and more often than not, he might just return with few fleas on him. Also, in case he interacts with other dogs, fleas might jump on to him in the meanwhile. The best way to prevent fleas from coming on your pet is to avoid his close interaction […]

How to Clean Dog Urine

Your dog will return to a place that has urine and feces smell. So a rapid and proper clean up of any accidents is important to quick housebreaking. Here are few steps on how to clean dog urine: 1. Let dogs out regularly, particularly puppies. It may be irritating but it will save your time […]

Potty Training A Dog

Potty training a dog is very important if you plan to keep dog or dogs within your home. Even if you let in your dog for some time, they must be trained not to make a mess. The best time to begin training is when you first get the puppy home. It is very essential […]

Your pet is the silent healer

Pets have the ability to help the sick recover faster. Even those suffering from deep shock come round faster in the company of pets. Children who cannot read properly are encouraged to read in the presence of ‘therapy dogs’. This experiment on ‘children reading to dogs’ has been very successful. The dogs are taken to […]