All About Dogs Nails

Cutting a dog’s nails is an activity each dog owner should do frequently, except your dog gets sufficient exercise on solid surfaces. The dog’s nails are practical and assist in running, turning and digging and if the dewclaws are present are also effective. Dog toenails receive nourishment from blood supply. The nails make the foot […]

Managing Cat Litter

Unless your cat can spend a lot of its time outdoors, then keeping a cat implies managing the cat litter. It is not the most pleasant task but it is a mandatory job because it keeps you and your cat healthy. Proper management of the cat litter means your cat will have fewer accidents when […]

All About Feral Cats

Feral cats do not have any owner, nor is it possible to domesticate them. They live in the wild and are the product of lost or abandoned pets. These cats are generally called as “stray” or “alley” cats. These names really describe deserted pets which were originally tamed. It is impossible to tame feral cats […]

Small Breeds

Boston Terrier: The Boston Terrier is an American breed of dog. They are smart and affable dogs. One of the main qualities that makes it the favorite of many people is their joyful nature, and its little size, right for compact spaces and flats. Also, the Boston terrier dogs are very clean, due to their […]

Your pet is the silent healer

Pets have the ability to help the sick recover faster. Even those suffering from deep shock come round faster in the company of pets. Children who cannot read properly are encouraged to read in the presence of ‘therapy dogs’. This experiment on ‘children reading to dogs’ has been very successful. The dogs are taken to […]

Feeding Your Dog Better

With the advent of genetically engineered foods, it is advisable that we humans shun this type of food. Here is why. Always follow the same advice you offer others when it is the matter of feeding your dogs. Avoid processed dog foods. Just as you don’t feed your kids conventional soy, don’t feed your dogs […]

Simple Remedies for Stinky Dogs

Dogs do have a very bad smell, despite giving them a daily bath. At time, dogs suffering from foul odor lick themselves excessively, and in fact tugging out their hair. They frequently lick themselves and their breath stinks after they do it. There are various causes why a dog smells horrible and plenty of easy […]

Don’t keep your pets thirsty

Like human beings even animals need water. Water plays a very significant role by regulating the body temperature and dissolving all the unnecessary nutrients stored in the body that can cause various gastric problems later on. Dehydration causes kidney failure, heart disease and many other serious problems. You should personally observe if the water stored […]

Proper Nutrition For a Pitbull

Many pet owners are inclined to disregard the importance of pitbull nutrition. This should not happen as nutrition is very important, even for your pets. Anybody who has a pitbull or any other pet should be aware that nutrition is a science and so not to use just instinct. In fact right nutrition can save […]

Accessories for you pet

Pet accessories are a boon to all pet owners. Gone are the days when only babies were showered with all the attention. All pets need accessories of one kind or the other. Besides cats and dogs, even hamsters, birds and fish need some accessory or the other. Since pets like dogs and cats crave for […]