Small Breeds

Boston Terrier: The Boston Terrier is an American breed of dog. They are smart and affable dogs. One of the main qualities that makes it the favorite of many people is their joyful nature, and its little size, right for compact spaces and flats. Also, the Boston terrier dogs are very clean, due to their […]

Tips to Get Rid of Fleas in the Yard Naturally

Simple method of ridding your yard of fleas. This is a natural and organic method of flea control, safe for both family as well as pets. It’s cheap and harmless for the environment. Things Needed – Diatomaceous Earth – Throwaway breathing mask Steps 1 Buy diatomaceous earth, found at any organic gardening shop and few […]

Feeding Your Dog Better

With the advent of genetically engineered foods, it is advisable that we humans shun this type of food. Here is why. Always follow the same advice you offer others when it is the matter of feeding your dogs. Avoid processed dog foods. Just as you don’t feed your kids conventional soy, don’t feed your dogs […]

Taking care of your Saint Bernard

Looking for pet dog? In that case, you must first and foremost decide which breed are you interested in. Some breeds of dogs don’t mix well with people while others just can’t have enough of company. Which is why you need to sit and decide which breed suits you and your family. In case you […]

Suets for Birds

Those who are in the habit of feeding wild birds may probably already know what suet is, but for others, suet is nothing but animal fat. To make it more attractive for the birds, the suet generally contains seeds, fruits and even dried up insects! But before you give up on reading further, here’s a […]

Everything about Cocker Spaniel

The ever popular Cocker Spaniel was first introduced in Europe. A high-quality Cocker Spaniel is a faithful, simple-to-manage family dog and house pet, and is one of the most well-known breed in US right from 40s. They are multifaceted dogs and are used in hunting as well as dog games. They do not have any […]

Your pet is the silent healer

Pets have the ability to help the sick recover faster. Even those suffering from deep shock come round faster in the company of pets. Children who cannot read properly are encouraged to read in the presence of ‘therapy dogs’. This experiment on ‘children reading to dogs’ has been very successful. The dogs are taken to […]

Train your dog and get an obedient pet

Trained dogs are much happier than untrained ones whose lives lack luster. Intelligent dogs feel secure with the knowledge and discipline they imbibe. A dog gets immense satisfaction when it is praised by it’s owner for obedience and ends up feeling guilty for any disobedient behavior. Every dog owner has his own method of training […]

The Maltese Dog

The Maltese is a small Toy dog whose height does not exceed 10 inches up to the shoulders. His weight is between 6 – 9 pounds and the body is covered by a long coat of white, straight silky fur. Maltese are very sweet and cuddly little dogs who have been favoured by the royals […]

Akita Dog Breed Info

Breed group: Working Weight: Males 75-120 lbs, Females 75-110 lbs Height: Males 26-28 inches, Females 24-26 inches Overview The Akita are natives of the Akita region in Japan, and is over 3000 years old. The Akita has become favorite of the Japanese people for a long time. Akitas are regarded as the national dogs of […]