Your Business and Conference Calls

Time is money and in business, every penny counts. With this notion in mind, it is essential that all steps should be taken to reduce costs in terms of traveling and to save time. With every part of the world accessible, sending information across is no more a limiting factor. Yet, traveling to one part […]

Samsung Satellite Phones – One of a Kind

Samsung Satellite Phones: Samsung is among the worldwide electronic giants. It is a Korea based company. Now in the world of technological advancement, Samsung is constantly innovating and Samsung Satellite Phones are well known for its sheer technology. In the market Samsung has already launched three phones. These are B100, B130 and B200. They have […]

Handheld Satellite Phones

Handheld satellite phones are one of the modern handheld communications equipment. They are ideal if you are always traveling around. You need not remain in one place to get the satellite signal. Motorola, Thrane & Thrane, Qualcommand Nera are some of the reputed brands available in the market. Their products are of superior quality. Handheld […]

Apple iPhone to enjoy the Web

The Apple iPhone includes the Safari web browser, offering complete xHTML rendering and JavaScript through a WiFi or EDGE link. It also has Google Maps for mapping and directions, and a ‘widget’ system offering you quick access to the information you need. The Heat is a shining slider phone having an electrostatic touchpad, but with […]

How Ringtones work?

Ringtone is a small computer program, which is stored in the cell phone’s memory chip. The primary task of the ringtone is to tell the cell phone’s microprocessor what the speaker system should do when there is an incoming call. Ringtone enabled phones are available in the market with built in list of ringtones. A […]

How VoIP Service Works

We are all aware that communication forms an essential part of our life, and is important for our daily functioning. World has become smaller as people started moving worldwide and have clients around the world. But International calling or long distance calling on a conventional fixed line telephones is very expensive. Till date, this was […]

Camera Mobile Phones

Devices like mobile phones come equipped with digital cameras that help in storing, sharing and printing all your favorite pictures. In fact Sprint has come up with a website called Picture Mail that helps saving your entire favorite snaps in one place. Sprint users can upload games or other entertaining features from the PC and […]

Effects of Cell Phone Radiation

Wireless devices like cell phones, microwaves and cordless phones are ruling our lives. They are very convenient and time-saving devices. But what you have not bargained for is the massive amounts of radiation emitted by these devices. Some studies published by Environmental Health Perspectives have revealed the excessive use of these devices may cause senility […]

What is the difference between satellite phone and cellular phone?

Satellite phone and Cellular phones are wireless devices. They almost look alike. But the way they work is totally different. Cellular phones working method is cell based. That is why they are called cellular phones. The whole network area is divided into small areas. And in each area an antenna is installed. These are also […]

What is telemarketing?

The use of telephone to sell a product or service is known as telemarketing. There are many companies, which use this marketing technique to increase sales. These companies get leads and from this list they call the prospective buyer to promote the products. The leads may be purchased from another company or taken from a […]