Samsung Z400

Samsung slider mobile phones have earned a vast popularity in the market. One of the slider mobile phones from Samsung is Samsung Z400. Though it has similar appearance to D500, there are vast differences between them. The Samsung Z400 is a 3G phone, weighing just 107g. It has all the necessary features for the required […]

Handheld Satellite Phones

Handheld satellite phones are one of the modern handheld communications equipment. They are ideal if you are always traveling around. You need not remain in one place to get the satellite signal. Motorola, Thrane & Thrane, Qualcommand Nera are some of the reputed brands available in the market. Their products are of superior quality. Handheld […]

Usefulness of calling cards

There are plenty of ways in which plastic has changed the way people live their daily lives. Plastic can be found in so many forms, some of them that you may not have even paid attention to! Take for instance the following: • Credit cards • Surgery • Cutting edge technology and even • Telephone […]

Technology of Conference Calls

With the advent of technology, we are seeing many of the fictitious things seen in early sci-fi movies happen in real life. To elaborate, earlier one could only think of speaking with one another over a distance. The concept of seeing someone while speaking to the same was so far fetched, that it was unbelievable. […]

VoIP Types

VoIP has gained in popularity in today’s world with both the individuals and businesses and can be a major competitor for the regular telephone. There are 3 major types of VoIP: Consumer VoIP Many consumer-oriented VoIP services offer cheap or free voice calling. This can be done through a particular adaptor connecting to broadband services […]

How Ringtones work?

Ringtone is a small computer program, which is stored in the cell phone’s memory chip. The primary task of the ringtone is to tell the cell phone’s microprocessor what the speaker system should do when there is an incoming call. Ringtone enabled phones are available in the market with built in list of ringtones. A […]

What is telemarketing?

The use of telephone to sell a product or service is known as telemarketing. There are many companies, which use this marketing technique to increase sales. These companies get leads and from this list they call the prospective buyer to promote the products. The leads may be purchased from another company or taken from a […]

How VoIP Service Works

We are all aware that communication forms an essential part of our life, and is important for our daily functioning. World has become smaller as people started moving worldwide and have clients around the world. But International calling or long distance calling on a conventional fixed line telephones is very expensive. Till date, this was […]

What Are Some Of The Features Of Metro Ethernet

The Ethernet is one of the most popular networking standards and has found global acceptance. The Ethernet is a local technology and serves to connect local area networks to the global Internet. It has contributed to or is the base for many other types of networking standards and one of them is what is known […]

Is it wise for children to have a cell phone

Today, many shops selling cell phones have sprung up in various shopping complexes. They offer kids various attractive designs, beautiful graphics, catchy plates and antennas which flash different colored lights when different callers call. These features are of great interest to the teenagers, who are hooked to the cell phones. The number of children hooked […]