Discounted Telecommunication Services For Educational Institutions

The US government has enacted a law that ensures that all educational institutions have affordable access to telecommunication and Internet access under the E-Rate scheme. This scheme covers schools, libraries and other educational institutions that cater to children with special needs, adult education and even pre-kindergarten facilities. Even non-instructional facilities of schools that cater to […]

What is the difference between satellite phone and cellular phone?

Satellite phone and Cellular phones are wireless devices. They almost look alike. But the way they work is totally different. Cellular phones working method is cell based. That is why they are called cellular phones. The whole network area is divided into small areas. And in each area an antenna is installed. These are also […]

Handheld Satellite Phones

Handheld satellite phones are one of the modern handheld communications equipment. They are ideal if you are always traveling around. You need not remain in one place to get the satellite signal. Motorola, Thrane & Thrane, Qualcommand Nera are some of the reputed brands available in the market. Their products are of superior quality. Handheld […]

How satellite phones can be helpful?

Satellite phones have come of age and are being used by many people worldwide. Whether you are in Iraq or Afghanistan, indoor or outdoor, satellite phones can be used to communicate. Though the call rates are high, you can communicate and stay in touch. Whether you are in the hilly mountains of Himalayas or on […]

Apple iPhone to enjoy the Web

The Apple iPhone includes the Safari web browser, offering complete xHTML rendering and JavaScript through a WiFi or EDGE link. It also has Google Maps for mapping and directions, and a ‘widget’ system offering you quick access to the information you need. The Heat is a shining slider phone having an electrostatic touchpad, but with […]

Which is the best wireless router?

A wireless network is incomplete without a router. The router connects to the broadband connection and in turn the access point in the router enables your laptop or computer to connect with the Internet. There are many wireless routers available in the market and to label one of them as the best and the other […]

Samsung Satellite Phones – One of a Kind

Samsung Satellite Phones: Samsung is among the worldwide electronic giants. It is a Korea based company. Now in the world of technological advancement, Samsung is constantly innovating and Samsung Satellite Phones are well known for its sheer technology. In the market Samsung has already launched three phones. These are B100, B130 and B200. They have […]

Uses of Satellite Phone

Cable connections and radio lines have their own drawbacks. They cannot work in the remote areas. With the industries spreading out in the remote areas, there is a need for providing proper communication in remote areas. Major advances have taken place in the field of communication, and Satellite phone systems have been introduced to provide […]

Usefulness of calling cards

There are plenty of ways in which plastic has changed the way people live their daily lives. Plastic can be found in so many forms, some of them that you may not have even paid attention to! Take for instance the following: • Credit cards • Surgery • Cutting edge technology and even • Telephone […]

Is it wise for children to have a cell phone

Today, many shops selling cell phones have sprung up in various shopping complexes. They offer kids various attractive designs, beautiful graphics, catchy plates and antennas which flash different colored lights when different callers call. These features are of great interest to the teenagers, who are hooked to the cell phones. The number of children hooked […]