Uses of Satellite Phone

Cable connections and radio lines have their own drawbacks. They cannot work in the remote areas. With the industries spreading out in the remote areas, there is a need for providing proper communication in remote areas. Major advances have taken place in the field of communication, and Satellite phone systems have been introduced to provide […]

What is the difference between satellite phone and cellular phone?

Satellite phone and Cellular phones are wireless devices. They almost look alike. But the way they work is totally different. Cellular phones working method is cell based. That is why they are called cellular phones. The whole network area is divided into small areas. And in each area an antenna is installed. These are also […]

Telecom Equipment Leasing

Leasing Telecommunication equipment has many benefits that are not available if you buy or rent the equipment. In US alone, the size of this industry is roughly about $2,169,999,458 a year and this figure is steadily increasing. The main reason why one should go for leasing telecommunication equipment is that there are many benefits like […]

How Cell phones Work?

A cell phone is nothing but a radio, but very high-tech. It is basically like a CB radio or walkie-talkie. But CB radio or walkie-talkie is a simplex system, where at a time a person can talk or listen. But a cell phone is a duplex device, where a person can listen and talk at […]

Satellite Phone

There is so much talk of satellite TV but did you know that there even exists a satellite phone, which is a Godsend for secluded areas where conventional mobile phone towers are not present. Mobiles can frustrate you in such areas, with a constant ‘no-signal found’ message. Whether you are in a desert or lost […]

What Are Some Of The Features Of Metro Ethernet

The Ethernet is one of the most popular networking standards and has found global acceptance. The Ethernet is a local technology and serves to connect local area networks to the global Internet. It has contributed to or is the base for many other types of networking standards and one of them is what is known […]

Using GPS in Mobile Phones

GPS technology is useful in tracking down the mobile phones. Though it has been used for a long time, the latest mobile phones come equipped with GPS devices making it easy to trace people’s whereabouts accurately all the time. Using GPS in mobile phones has various benefits. If you are stuck in an emergency situation, […]

Your Business and Conference Calls

Time is money and in business, every penny counts. With this notion in mind, it is essential that all steps should be taken to reduce costs in terms of traveling and to save time. With every part of the world accessible, sending information across is no more a limiting factor. Yet, traveling to one part […]

Nokia N95

The Nokia N95 is a complete device offering host of multimedia features. It has brilliant display, high-speed connectivity and excellent photo and video resources. So instead of a normal mobile phone, it is closer to a multimedia computer. Besides it fits well within your pocket and can take place of all other multimedia instruments. It […]

How Ringtones work?

Ringtone is a small computer program, which is stored in the cell phone’s memory chip. The primary task of the ringtone is to tell the cell phone’s microprocessor what the speaker system should do when there is an incoming call. Ringtone enabled phones are available in the market with built in list of ringtones. A […]