A Few Gardens Built By The Moghuls

India today, comprises of several magical gardens built by the Moghuls. The first Moghul immigrant to India was Babur who ruled the kingdom of Agra from the year 1483 to 1530. Besides being a warrior he was blessed with a poetic talent also. He mentioned a few lines about India when he wrote his autobiography. […]

Guide to Buy Used Lodges

Lodges in holiday spots are always in demand as they offer owners the flexibility to plan impromptu breaks with friends and family. These lodges can be easily bought with minimum paper work along with the availability of financing as well. Choices in UK There are many popular destinations in UK for people to buy lodges. […]

Manitoba Fishing Vacation Rentals

For an ardent fishing lover, it is best to experience fishing lodgings. Manitoba fishing lodgings let you fish throughout the day, making it an unforgettable trip. Manitoba Fishing Lodgings Manitoba is a region the middle of Canada, north of the Midwestern United States. It is named Manitoba due to the sound of waves that hurtle […]

Ten Things You Need to Know About Snowboarding in Canada

Come winter, many Canadians and tourists head for the mountains to engage in some skiing and snowboarding action. Here are a few things you need to know about snowboarding in Canada. ✦ Whistler/Blackcomb is the world’s best resort for snowboarding WorldSnowBoardGuide, the premium site for snowboarding has ranked Canada’s Whistler/Blackcomb as the best resort for […]

The causes of Jetlag

If you are a frequent traveler, traveling across various time zones, jet lag is one of the sleep disorders that you will suffer from. Research has indicated that about 74% of the international travelers of all ages, races and sexes suffer from this problem. If you already have a sleep problem, your symptoms are a […]

Ten Things to See and Do in Holland

Netherlands is not only the tulip fields, dikes, windmills, and bikes. Here are some other things that you can do while on a trip to this magical country. 1.) Amsterdam This city is well known for the relaxed atmosphere that is not available elsewhere, making this an attractive tourist destination. Locals here can business life […]

Suggested Croatia Itineraries

Before you plan on visiting Croatia to find out latest available Jadrolinija (Croatian ferry company) timetable, check if there is a boat to the place you want to visit. There are 2 schedules, the winter and summer and they may vary to some destinations. E.g. Hvar island (Stari Grad) has 5 times ferry connections per […]

Cathar Castles Of France

France has an unbelievable and rich heritage that has impacted much of the country, especially its castles. The oldest and most enchanting castles in France are the cathar castles, located in the Languedoc region. The date of their construction is unknown, but is believed to be about the 10th century. The castles were constructed on […]

Finding Cheap Airfare

There are innumerable methods of getting cheap airfares but not all are aware of them. If you are one of them, read on to find more about them. You can get cheap airfare at different times like peak holiday seasons, weekends and by certain methods like courier travel if you plan to travel all by […]

Costa Rica Vacation Tips

Costa Rica is a very small Central American island offering a delightful vacation for the entire family. Whatever you want to get out of vacation, whether relaxing on the beach, surfing the waves, going atop a volcano or air-dashing through the rainforest, you can be sure that Costa Rica will offer something for you. This […]