Cord Blood Transplant An Alternative to Bone Marrow Transplant

Today evidence is showing increasing number of positive results of cord blood transplants, so a lot of stress is today being placed on cord blood donation. While the cord blood cell cure was initiated to treat blood and immunity disorders, today it finds use in over 70 ailments like heart disease, diabetes, spinal cord injuries, certain kinds of blindness and other ailments caused by bone marrow. While traditionally, they were treated by using bone marrow transplants, the extreme pain caused in the process makes many people stop the cure partially. But with cord blood research proving its effectiveness in treating the disease, it has gained widespread use.

Why Cord Blood Transplants Score Over Bone Marrow Transplants?

The accessibility of corresponding donors is the primary drawback experienced by bone marrow transplants patients. In some instances, the patients can even die while awaiting the suitable match. One more drawback is that the bone marrow collection process is very painful and it needs a long time to enjoy any benefit from bone marrow treatment.

Cord blood transplant cures have many more advantages over bone marrow transplant treatments, they are –

Cord blood cells are much more prone to HLA corresponding between donors and patients.

Accessibility of umbilical cord blood stem cell makes it indispensable in case of transplants instead of bone marrow stem cells. There is no need to wait for a donor; the patient can be his own donor if his cord blood had been stored after his birth.

As the stem cells found in umbilical cords are the most primordial cells, so on being transplanted to the patients, they are not as risky for graft-versus-host-disease [GVRD] which is a higher risk involved in bone marrow transplant.

The reaping and gathering procedure involves no pain and risk to the donor, while, bone marrow collection method is very painful to both donor and receiver.

Latest Developments in Cord Blood

New findings are coming out with more methods of cord blood transplant. Doctors today

even use the stem cells if there are inadequate stem cells. Today, over 70 diseases can be treated with the help of cord blood transplants. Here are few of the ailments that can be cured with cord blood transplants.