Everything about Cocker Spaniel

The ever popular Cocker Spaniel was first introduced in Europe. A high-quality Cocker Spaniel is a faithful, simple-to-manage family dog and house pet, and is one of the most well-known breed in US right from 40s. They are multifaceted dogs and are used in hunting as well as dog games. They do not have any major health problems.


Cocker Spaniels were bred and urbanizeded in England from the 15th century. They were used mainly for hunting wild birds. The word “Cocker” was derived from its expertise in hunting woodcock. They were first introduced in US in 1860s and accepted in 1878 by the American Kennel Club (AKC). They became famous during the late 40s and American bred Cocker Spaniels were produced to slightly varied norms. In 1946, AKC officially accepted that English Cocker Spaniel was separate from American Cocker Spaniel.


Cocker Spaniels are little dogs, whose weight is 25-35 lbs and reach 13 ½ inches -15 ½ inches up to the shoulder. They have a robust, sporty build. Their long silky fur is even or slightly curly, adjacent to the body. They have long, huge ears and feathering on legs. Their facial expression is intellectual and amiable, have dark eyes and a well evened, high arced head. Their coat might be trimmed slightly to make them look good but is usually kept as it is. Tails are generally cut. Cocker Spaniels have many colors, ranging from pale cream, liver, black to parti-colored.


Cocker Spaniels are of 2 main kinds. The American Cocker Spaniel which is mentioned above is 2” shorter and has more robust build as compared to the taller and well-boned English Cocker Spaniel. The hues, nature and coat types are same for both of them. There are 3 colors of coat. Strong colored black dogs can be totally black, or possess little tan or rust spots on feet, face and beneath the tail. Any Solid Color Other than Black (ASCOB) Cockers have strong colors ranging from pale cream, buff or gold to deep brown. The parti-color type has coat consisting of multiple colors, with white being one of them.


As with all spaniels, the Cocker is a bird dog, mainly bred to hunt lowland and woodland gaming birds. Though it is not used for hunting today in US, the Cocker Spaniel has sparkled in various dog sports, such as compliance, suppleness, tracking, flyball and rally. It is a favorite family dog due to its sweet nature and quick trainability.


Cocker Spaniels generally have very few diseases. However few genetic defects are possible if the dog is not bred properly. Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA.), other eye diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts, and skin allergies can be prevented if a breeder checks the dog and ensure it does not borne any disease. Cocker Spaniels need frequent brushing to keep their coat tangle-free. Or their fur can be trimmed to a short puppy-cut, thus removing the necessity for long grooming sessions.


As compared to other dogs, Crocker Spaniel is more likely to suffer from ear infections. Their large, densely furred ears prevent proper air circulation and the fur catches dirt and dampness making it a fertile ground for bacteria and infections to flourish. The fur within the ear flap and around the ear canal must be trimmed and ears examined and cleaned periodically.