Gall Stone Pain Relief

Gall Stones are stones produced in the gallbladder where the bile is stored. Bile is a watery liquid secreted by the liver cells (hepatocytes) and is used to aid the process of digestion. When bile solidifies, it results in the gall stones. The gall bladder is associated with the process of releasing bile for digestion.

Gall stones are of 2 types: cholesterol gall stones and pigment gall stones. Cholesterol gall stones are mainly formed from cholesterol, and are the most common variety of gall stones. Cholesterol is one of the constituents that force the liver cells to secrete bile. Pigment gallstones are the next most common type of gallstone. Pigment is a leftover product of haemoglobin, present the blood. Old haemoglobin is converted into a chemical called bilirubin and secreted into the blood. Now the liver removes the bilirubin from the blood by converting it into modified bilirubin or bile. In the process of converting into bile, pigment gall stones can result.
If diagnosed with gallstones, you can use the 5 ways mentioned below to get relief from the gall bladder pain.

1. Don’t eat fatty and greasy foods for some weeks and instead go for a high-fibre, low-fat diet.

2. Eat higher amount of soluble fibre as it binds to bile salts, thus lowering the amount that causes gallstones. Soluble fibre is present in carrots and apples.

3. Don’t eat raw shellfish because it can contain bacteria that result in severe infection of the liver.

4. Consume fish or walnut oil to help even out the body’s cholesterol.

5. Exercise regularly and drink lot of water especially purified or still mineral water.