Get hooked with Satellite TV

In the West, satellite TV is something taken for granted. You might be curious as to how the system functions. Current advances in satellite transmission have taken TV viewing to even greater heights. An uplink station emits the main signal, which is then picked up by a satellite. The satellite conveys this signal to the satellite dishes in homes. The satellite boxes decode this signal and as per the access permissions you can view the channels.

To avail of this service you primarily need a satellite dish. To view paid channels, you must have a descrambler to decode the TV channels. You do not have to run around since the providers do all the needful tasks, for a flat rate, inclusive of complementary gifts.

If you think nothing in life is free, then think again. Contrary to the general belief, there are several free channels, which a viewer can enjoy, a few thousand. As in the case of paid channels, you need to install a satellite dish and receiver but do not have to pay a monthly fee. Free channels cover everything from music to sports to movies to current affairs. Some viewers are content enough with the free channels. Satellite TV provides an unrivalled audio and video quality. Most systems are even compatible with the High Definition Television sets. There are also additional perks like broadband internet, radio channels and updates on the timings of various shows. Such a wide range of service is not available from cable TV providers.