Herniated Disc Treatment

The pain experienced from a herniated disc is very unbearable.. Even those who have the same problem of a herniated disc, there is generally a lot a difference in the pain experience and to the degree to which it is felt. Here are few various types of herniated discs and a proven herniated disc treatment that will let you to heal more quickly.

The human spine is a wonderful thing. It comprises of 33 vertebrae, of which 28 move independently of the other. Though 5 of these vertebrae are joined, the others are divided by intervertebral discs. As we grow old, these discs start aging just like other parts of the body. So it is likely that these discs can be displaced and when it happens it leads to a herniated disc.

A herniated disc can show various numbers of symptoms, normally linked with pain, depending on the area of the spine that is affected. E.g., a herniated cervical disc can lead to pain in the neck and sharp pain radiating down the arms, while a herniated lumbar disc normally leads to some pretty severe lower back pain. The cause of the pain is same in both the cases; however the area that radiates pain varies. Hence there is a tested herniated disc treatment that works irrespective of the area of the origin of the pain.

As a herniated disc is dislocated, it must revert to its old place in order to eliminate the pain completely. The connected swelling, along with the pressure applied on the nerves of the spinal column is what actually needs emergency attention. Doctors will not immediately recommend surgery so as to treat a herniated disc, which is good, since it can take long time to recover. At times, warm and cold compresses, as well as some physical therapy and lot of rest is sufficient to help cure the problem.

However, there are other ways of healing a herniated disc that will bring faster results. Finding the one that is effective for you is decided by the degree of injury and your physical constitution. By using one of these methods, along with your doctor’s prescription, will give you relief from your back pain quite rapidly.