How to be Photogenic?

Everybody likes to look good. Though many people look good naturally but when it comes to photographs the images do not justify their beauty. Although, snapshots are not the exact presentations of your look or personality, they become the objects of judgment according to many people. If you do not display a photogenic face, you are often ditched or taunted by people. So it is a good idea to try to develop a photogenic face. You can have a photogenic face if the photographer takes proper care of lighting, camera angles etc. The following steps could help you look better.

Wear suitable clothes especially the ones that will add a glow to your skin tone. The color patterns should be carefully studied. Choose an angle that will reflect a good texture of your hair and show the smooth texture of your skin. Stand or sit in a proper posture to make you look smarter. Give a natural smile, because

a forced smile will make you appear as if you have forcefully stretched your lips. Compare your snapshots with your friends who have a photogenic face.

When all these tips do not effectively work out, then try out digital technology by editing, cropping and artificially enhancing your snaps to look better. You can find many photo retouching service providers online.