How to care for your skin

Many of us wish that we still had skins that we were born with. I still have my skin, and by me, it may have changed a bit, but according to my mother, it’s changed a great deal. It may also have stretched a little, well in my case, a lot. And as age advances, we have to deal with wrinkles as well. Since I am a guy, even though I have wrinkles, it doesn’t affect me to that extent. But when it comes to women, it matters the most. I am not disturbed when it comes to my skin, and till the time I keep my skin is clean, I don’t take much notice of it, and neither do others. But we all do take notice of women and thus they spend a huge amount of time and money in order to keep their skin presentable.

Is it really a fact that men can get away with having wrinkles while women can not? And is there really something worthwhile that women can do to make a difference? Adopting a skin care program affects the look of your skin and in turn affects the way you feel, which is highly important. Also, since the skin is the largest organ of your body, keeping it healthy is a way to take care of your own self.

So what can you do? To begin with, after a shower, even though you wipe your body dry, there is sufficient moisture still present in your skin and by applying a suitable moisturizer, you are retaining the moisture inside, which enhances the well being of your skin. Adequate consumption of water hydrates your skin as well which another positive factor. Inspite of these measures, if your skin still feels dry and flaky, it is better to consult a doctor, to rule things out. Another reason why you must see your doctor right away is in case you notice any significant change in your skin like dark or light patches or any changes or growths to moles. Get them checked, so as to confirm that there’s no problem.

Sun has healthy as well as unhealthy effects on us. The fact that its rays are the strongest when it is highest, usually during mid day, requires you to take more care of your skin. A suitable sunscreen is indispensable, as sunlight breaks up a protein in the skin called as elastin, which is responsible for the elasticity of your skin, and thereby causing sagging of the skin. This is a misfortune, for those who prefer sunny days.

Instead of blindly buying every skin care product available, with the hope that something will work, it is better to formulate your own skin care program which will go a longer way to keep your skin healthy.

A healthy diet is the first thing that you must take care of, as healthy skin is obtained only by eating a healthy or a balanced diet. Your diet must contain sufficient vegetables and fruits as they contain antioxidants which protect your skin from hazards of daily exposure to oxidants. But to avail of the nutrients in them, they should be consumed either raw or after cooking lightly.

Adequate drinking of water is the next best thing to do to keep your skin healthy. Studies have suggested that intake of about 4 to 8 cups of water is a must, but if you are consuming bottled mineral water, it is better to check the mineral contents, as few of them contain high concentrations of sodium which leads to high salt levels. Also, avoid the notion that drinking 4 to 8 cups of coffee is the same as drinking equal amounts of plain water, as coffee contains caffeine chiefly, which facilitates the removal of water from the body. I thought beer was a better option of rehydrating myself, until I was proved wrong. Beer and other drinks (even wine) contain alcohol, which does not pass as plain water. Till the time the water is clean and potable, even tap water will suffice. Although drinking water at bedtime is not a good option as during night, the body holds back the water causing your skin to stretch, something which we can do without.

After you put on weight or after you diet, the skin stretches, and the only way you can return its tone is by exercising. Since a younger person has more flexible skin, it may be easier for him to tone his skin, but as we grow older, it becomes tougher. The best alternative is to try and not gain weight, which is pretty much hypothetical especially as our age increases. But please do try to keep weight gain off your list when your skin care program is on, as they don’t blend together.

Any line of action should always be substantiated with in depth research so as to find out what works for you the best. Talking to those who sell these skin care products is a good option, as even though they are there to sell their products, they still have sufficient information to advise for your skin’s welfare. Friends can help too, as everyone has one personal tip or two up their sleeves when it comes to skin care. Whichever way you plan to carry out your skin care program, I wish you the best.