How To Detangle Curly Hair

While many would love to go for curly hair due to their very good looks, looking after them can be quite tough. One of the major problems with curly hair is tangles. Trying to detangle curly hair without harming it is quite a difficult job. But if you are aware of the right technique, the job will be simple and not as time-consuming.

Detangling The Curly Hair

Items Required:

  • Water
  • Leave-in Conditioner
  • Wide-toothed Comb


Start by wetting your hair properly; take care to see that the whole area is wet.

Then put on a leave-in conditioner in your hair, going from the forehead to the hair ends. Avoid applying the conditioner on your scalp.

Use your fingers, untangle through your hair, unraveling knots and mats as you continue.

Separate hair into small parts and, using a wide-toothed comb, begin combing through the lower area.

Slowly, run the comb to the upper region of your hair, going up to the scalp. Avoid pulling or yanking at the hair and be mild.

If certain areas of your hair cannot be easily untangled, soak the comb right away into conditioner, and then apply it there.

Once you have combed your hair properly and all the tangles cleared off, wash it with cool water.

Few Tips

After detangling your hair, when you are washing it, don’t remove the conditioner entirely. If possible, let some conditioner remain in the hair, since it prevents detangling your hair, till the next wash.

Try detangling spray for detangling your hair. Spew it in the hair and run a comb through it, from base to top. While going through the scalp, put on more spray if any persevering tangle occurs.