How to Improve Eyes

Every second person has some sort of problem in his vision and would do anything in his power to make them better again. This article will encompass the foods that can be consumed for your eye’s health as well as the techniques by which your eyes can become healthier over a period of time.

To begin with, let us look at some food items. Green vegetables have been the dictum for good eyesight since a very long time. And it is true! They contain lutein, a carotenoid which helps in the vision process. However, for complete absorption, these must be consumed with some oil. Vitamin B2 is also present in green vegetables and is very vital for the eyes, growth and good skin.

Besides the above, fish oil or Krill oil and dark colored berries such as the European Blueberry are also quite essential for the retina. On the same hand, one must avoid giving trans fat as it may interfere in the metabolism.

Apart from these food stuffs, you can also supplement your efforts by performing certain exercises and practices for a better vision. One of them is to cup your palms in front of your eyes and think of the day. This helps in relaxation of the mind.

Other than palming, another technique known as sunning is also quite popular. It is based on the fact that sunlight is essential for the eyes as well. With the current trend of sunglasses, many people are devoid of this. To help this, one must face the sunlight either in the daytime or during the evening. A rough rule is a 10-10-10 which means that after 10 minutes of strenuous eye activity in close range, patient should look away around 10 feet away from the object for a good 10 seconds. This’ll help in distressing your eyes.

One last advice is to not focus on one area for a very long time say. To achieve this, one must keep swinging his body or head so as to make sure the extraocular muscles of the eye do not undergo strain.