How to Make A Sooky Doll

Do you know what a sooky doll is? It is a doll that resembles live children that stand in a corner sulking, giving rise to the name “sooky doll”. These dolls are quite simple to make and are excellent gift ideas.

Sooky Dolls can be made in various different ways. Some prefer to make them strong, very durable and changeable. These dolls can be interchanged, if their clothes get dirty or soiled or boring to the eye. Just change the way they look as you do with a small child. These Sooky dolls are made such that changing them is like changing a small child. This makes for variety.

These dolls consist of a body, a head, legs, and arms. The body and the legs use wood, the head uses a Styrofoam ball and the arms are made using wire. The clothes are a baby’s size 1, a pair of children’s shoes, a cap or hat that you like usually a baseball cap and a pair of baby’s cotton mittens. The body is nicely padded with wadding and stuck together with craft glue or hot glue available at a craft store.

Begin by assembling the body. It consists of 2 pieces of wood, the body and the legs. The arms are made by inserting a wire into a hole close to the top of the body. Then the wadding is wrapped around the legs and the body to form the padding and then fixed in place. Use the padding as per your wish. Make it as thick or as thin as you want according to the size of the clothing. After padding the body and legs, start padding the arms. Bend the wire to the size you want and then wrap the padding around the wire all the way from the loop at the bottom to the top of the shoulder.

The next step is to fix the head, cover the padding and dress the Sooky Doll. To fix the head requires hammering a big thick nail into the top of the body. Ensure you keep the nail in the center. Apply plenty of glue to the nail and firmly keep the foam ball on the nail and push the head into place. Now cover the padding with stockings or hosiery. Cover the body, legs and arms of the sooky doll with the stockings, ensuring to stretch firmly before fixing into place.

When selecting the dress for the sooky doll, be creative as you like. The cotton mittens make the hands. You will also have to ensure you either use a long sleeved top or use a skivvy under the dress to cover the arms especially if making a girl doll. There should always be a type of creative hat on the doll because of lack of face since they are kept in a corner. Use creativity.