How to Pick a Puppy

Choosing a dog with the appropriate temperament and character begins with selecting the breed of puppy that will perfectly match your requirements and your lifestyle. Each type of dog has its own unique characteristics and instincts that are just the features of the breed and a part of the genetic makeup of the breed.

A puppy akita, malamute or chow chow is not quite easy to train and quite unsociable. You will get opposite of your requirements.

A beagle pup is not a very responsive dog when walking, while a border collie is not a peaceful, slow and calm dog.

Irrespective of which breed you think is right it’s actually essential to perform comprehensive research into the primary genetic character of the dog. Be very doubtful of any seller or breeder who won’t or can’t discuss very deeply about the drawbacks and positives of their dogs. They should be aware of the breed negatives thoroughly and should be able to talk them in detail with you.

Other than the basic nature you must also consider the mental soundness of each dog. This is especially essential for very young puppies or rescue dogs. If you are unsure about doing this yourself consult a more experienced dog owner when you go for selecting your puppy. You can even get help from a dog behavior expert or dog trainer. It’s a major decision you are taking and it’s essential to get it correctly.

Another important activity to do is to ensure you observe your puppy in his or her litter before selecting. Also try to see the parent dogs if possible – although it is not always possible to see the father.

When selecting your puppy try to avoid the clear bully or the natural victim in the litter. Don’t select a puppy that is very nervous or one that is disinclined to play or dealing with other dogs or people.

Spend time selecting and you will get a lovely pet for a lifetime. Any mistake and spend time ruing it.