How to reduce cholesterol levels naturally

Normal cholesterol levels should be less than 200. So in order to keep a normal level of cholesterol, eat a healthy diet, don’t eat food high in fats. Also regular exercise regime is must so as to lower the cholesterol level. High cholesterol may be very dangerous as it raises the prospects of heart attacks or strokes.

Many people enjoy eating junk food. Junk food is usually very oily and has high fats. So avoid eating this oily food as well as canned food which can raise the cholesterol levels.

Avoid dairy products due to their high fat contents. Many people take medications to reduce the cholesterol levels. But it is always better to opt for natural cures as the medications do have adverse effects to the body.

Eat soluble fiber due to its capacity to lower cholesterol drastically. Fruits such as apple, strawberries, banana, oranges etc are very useful in lowering the cholesterol level. Oat and oat meal is also regarded as the richest source of soluble fiber.

Use garlic regularly in your diet. Fish oil is also important food item that lowers the cholesterol level in the body. Latest research has shown that using turmeric is effective in lowering the cholesterol levels since it is an antioxidant.