How to Treat Warts

Warts are caused by human pappilloma virus (HPV). This is a type of infection; hence treat it immediately. There are many creams and lotions meant to reduce or destroy the food supply to the arts. This leads to death of the warts. More complex solutions burn the warts. The choice of the treatment depends on the area affected and the severity of the problem.

Infections on the hands and feet are easiest to treat. Applying creams and lotions frequently throughout the day is sufficient to treat the warts. But when these simple solutions fail, use stronger chemicals that prevent the blood, oxygen and other vital ingredients from reaching the warts. This leads to the death of warts. Certain other medications cheat the immune system to attack the wart and try to kill it. When all these methods fail and if needed due to location or seriousness of attack, you can cauterize the wart, freeze it and remove it through surgery.

Use salicylic acid to treat warts at home. It is a very effective but slow treatment. It will take many months before the warts vanish completely. Though slow, this treatment is highly potent, easier, cheaper and causes less pain than other treatments.

If you are not in the favor of using acid, go for tape occlusion method. Cover the wart with a small tape to deprive it of oxygen and light, needed for its survival. This method is slow but effective, yielding positive results to many.

Home freezing for wart removal should be carefully checked before trying. Take two chemicals, spray them together. This mixture reduces the temperature around the wart drastically for a short time. The wart freezes and dies very quickly. But do not use this method on children.