Human Hair Wigs Guide

For those who use wigs or are planning to start using one, here are a few things that you must know before you go on to buy a wig for yourself. Roughly, there are two types of wigs available, one being the synthetic type, the other being a wig made of human hair. Although both of the types have their pros and cons, and the ultimate decision will be made by you, it is wise to know about these wigs in and out before itself.

A synthetic wig is made of synthetic fibers, as the name suggests. Although these are easier to maintain than the natural human hair wig, there have been many reported cases of allergy setting in soon after the start of usage of the wig. This could be due to a constant irritation by the foreign body, in this case your synthetic wig, leading to allergic manifestations. For those who cannot afford to buy a natural human hair wig, synthetic wigs are a good choice as they tend to solve the purpose and also stay for a longer time. They are easier to maintain too, and can be styled with ease. However they lack the natural look that a human hair wig can project.

Natural human hair wig are made of human hair and thus there is not many cases of people suffering from allergic reactions to their wigs. It does look close to natural but the maintenance is quite a handful. For comparison, a natural human hair wig needs to be washed nearly twice as many times as one would wash his regular hair. Even while styling one’s wig, it takes quite an effort to do so. But remember, the life of your wig is only till the time you take proper care of it.

With natural human hair wig you can be confident that not many other wigs will be at par with your choice of wig. Who knows, you may even fool your loved ones in believing that they are your natural hair.