Is Liquid Hoodia Really An Effective Form Of Hoodia

Liquid hoodia alias liquid extract, is obtained from the Hoodia Gordonii cactus. There are various reasons why it has shown better performance than its various other forms.

– Since hoodia is a liquid it gets absorbed by the body quickly. It is an important factor as most people give up on their weight loss path as soon as they surrender to their hunger pangs and cravings. Due to this, most other products like medications, herbal items and vitamins are sold in liquid form.

– Many people have difficulty in swallowing pills or tablets. But you can put some drops of liquid hoodia in water or juice to simplify its consumption.

– Liquid Hoodia is safe as there are no digestive problems and is milder on the stomach as compared to pills or tablets. Due to its liquid form, it bypasses the entire digestive process completely.

– It is tasty and there is no unpleasant after taste as is usually the case with tablets or pills.

– Active ingredients from liquid absorption have an absorption rate of 95% – 98% while it is only 2% – 20% maximum from tablets.

– As the product is a liquid there is no need for the usual binders or fillers required by capsules or tablets. Some of them are difficult to breakdown and this causes loss of some of the hoodia’s effectiveness.

It is obvious, it has various advantages over other kinds of hoodia, the most important being it shows quick results and its active ingredients have a higher rate of absorption. So give this a careful thought when opting for a weight loss product later on.