Learn To Relax To Better Handle Depression

Depression is a condition that can affect any person, child, adult, or the elderly. Equal number of men and women are affected by depression. It can be triggered by any particular situation. It could be due to some personal problems or financial problems. Health problems have also been found to be a major reason for depression. In fact, people dealing with chronic health issues are constantly monitored for depression. The same is the case with their caregivers too. Even they are highly susceptible to depression. But there is help at hand; depression can be cured with proper therapy.

Some of the common symptoms of depression in all age groups and sex can be broadly classified. They are fatigue, loneliness, social withdrawal, insomnia, loss of appetite of constant hunger pangs and general lack of interest in daily life. Work pressures are a common cause of depression. Children too are affected; the reason may be any kind of illness that they are going through. A large number of women have been found to suffer from post-partum depression. In the case of elderly, neglect and health issues may be the cause. The feeling of being unwanted is a major reason too.

Help is easily available to deal with depression. Routine checks and screening by health care professionals helps detect the symptoms. Most of the cases can be treated with proper counseling and alternative therapies without resorting to anti depressants. However in chronic cases, medication is prescribed. Your physician will help you train to respond to stress. If there is a family history of depression, you may be more prone to it. With screening you will be better prepared to deal with stress that can be a cause for depression. Your doctor will educate you about depression and the symptoms that you need to look for and try to help yourself deal with it. Self help has proven to work wonders with stress.

Relaxation and depression go hand in hand. Depression is often triggered by stress. Stress is accompanied with anxiety or anger. Stress when unattended leads to depression and the best way to beat stress is through relaxation.

Relaxation techniques have proven to calm the mind and body thus reducing its harming effects. Many forms of relaxation techniques are available. You do not need to follow any rulebook to relax. Follow a pattern that best suits you. Yoga and meditation have found to have a soothing effect on the body and mind. Yoga emphasizes on physical exercise with proper breathing. Proper breathing is found to rejuvenate and relax the body completely and it can be practiced at your home at your chosen time. It is best done in the morning or at any convenient time and like any other physical exercise, not after a meal.

Any kind of physical exercise triggers higher levels of endorphins in your body that help you deal with pain and elevates your mood. So follow a regular exercise regime. The other mood elevators are good music, any form of art that you can appreciate and even good food. Take out some time for your self each day. You just need a few minutes to do something exclusively for your self to get boosted to better deal with the stresses of life.