Look Beautiful with IPL Fotofacial

Everyone wants to look good, fresh and young. So your face plays a vital role in this objective. There are many treatments available to cure skin problems. One of the latest and the most effective procedure is also known as intense pulsed light (IPL) or photo rejuvenation. It is non-ablative and can heal any type of skin problems.

IPL fotofacial does not destroy the skin surface, and works on high intensity pulses of broadband light quite different from the narrow band light of lasers. The deeper areas of the skin are affected, as the external part of the skin is virgin. There are various kinds of IPL sold in the market for curing various conditions like spider veins, melasma, age spots etc.

The major benefit of IPL fotofacial is that it destroys the skin surface, unlike dermabrasion and laser resurfacing. It provides for nearly no recovery time after undertaking a procedure that needs between 30-45 minutes. You can do the treatment even on your lunch break but without any major side effects or pain. You can also treat a bigger area with IPL unlike laser treatment.

You might require to get many treatments done once you know some damage is done to the skin. This treatment is excellent for those who can’t afford to take a break in between the treatment, but should remember that more treatments will be required. Usually they are carried out with the time gap of 3 weeks, letting your face time to view the effects of 1-2 treatments. IPL fotofacial will enhance texture and tone of the skin, with lesser redness, smoother color and youthful look. The results are based on the manner of skin care after the procedure, but remain up to a year, if good sun protection is used.

The cost differs with each person, as the portion of the portion targeted differs for every person along with the intensity of the problem. Usually the procedure is costlier than peels but cheaper than lasers. Typically, the cost lies between 300-600 dollars a treatment.

Undertaking any kind of treatment, surgical or non surgical is dangerous, since every person reacts differently to specific treatments. IPL fotofacial has been shown to be very safe and result-oriented for curing any unwanted facial skin problem. Consult your local skin care physician to find out if it is suitable for your needs. Some may show slower results, so it is essential to have patience once the treatment is over. The best result is improvement. You will not get total perfection. IPL fotofacial gives the excellent non-ablative solution for a better skin.