Memory Quilts

Memory quilts are a great method of storing memorable events and ideas in an individual’s or group’s life. They are more meaningful than a scrapbook as they can contain not only the mementos but also the memories related to the quilt itself. It brings back the memories of fun you have had as a kid during holidays.

There are many ways to create a memory quilt. You can cut up unwanted T-shirts and include their designs into your quilt. These T-shirts can have designs of special events and competitions. When you include this type of thing into a quilt, it becomes memorable. Use your imagination to incorporate ribbons won in a competition, a child’s drawings, sequins or beads, photos of the person or anything important to the person, or even a handcrafted flower. You can also use appliqué or hand embroidery. The choices are unlimited.

Transmitting photos to fabric used in the quilts, gives them meaning. Use a scanner or digital camera to upload your photos to your computer and printer optimized for printing photos. You can purchase inkjet printer fabric sheets if you are working on a small or infrequent projects. Of course, there means in which you can create your own cost-effective designs, but you have to spend more time and energy. It makes sense to use a program like “Paint Shop Pro” to enhance the appearance of the image, so they look attractive on printing. It is also great to test your edited and resized photos on normal paper to ensure they come out just the way you want. Then simply insert your inkjet printer fabric sheets into your printer. The photos appearing on the fabric are soft, clear, and easy to stitch.

Many quilters use another method of color copy heat transfer. It prints colorfast and washable photos on fabric. The special paper needed for this is available at some print shops, quilt shops, or by mail order. Ensure you follow the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep your transfer paper in a full-color laser copy machine, such that the photos are printed backwards so that when they are transferred to fabric they will come out correctly. You can crop your photos or overlap pictures to mask the redundant details so that you get more images on a single piece of paper. You can also increase or decrease the image with your copy machine to get correct size for your quilt project.

First iron a test patch to check out the results. Once you have pressed the fabric, take care while taking off the paper to prevent distortion of the picture. If your iron is not hot enough to successfully send the image to your fabric, borrow an iron from a local T-shirt shop by paying a small fee. Another choice is to use mail order companies who will transfer your photos to their cotton fabric.

A memory quilt is an artwork. It is an excellent gift to children and adults as well as organizations. Always remember while making a quilt to commemorate a person alive is keep empty spaces where important people can write their names or make comments.