Microsoft Zune vs Apple Ipod

There are two major giants in the field of digital music. One is Apple Ipod and another is Microsoft Zune. Although Microsoft Zune is a recent arrival in the world of digital music, it does not lag behind Apple Ipod in any way.

When making the choice between the two, you should compare both. This article has just done that to help simplify the decision making process for choosing digital music player. Microsoft has learnt from the Apple Ipod’s mistakes and used them for its advantages. E.g. video is one area that Ipod lacked but Zune capitalized on it. Apple’s video screen was regarded as being very small and it was difficult to view clips on it.

Microsoft recognized this weakness and created a screen which is nearly .5″+ more than the Ipod’s. Zune has also taken a futuristic view as it supports WiFi abilities. This feature allows Zune users to send songs to their friends located nearby. Your friend can listen to the song you’ve sent for at most 3 days, but afterwards they have to buy it to keep on listening to it. This is certainly an interesting addition that incorporates a community sharing-type element to digital music.

Price isn’t a deciding factor as both Ipod and Zune with a 30GB player are available for at $249. It’s essential to consider the features of each music player to let you choose the most suitable player for you. The Microsoft Zune music selection is comparatively smaller than iTunes. But looking at the power Microsoft yields, it is expanding daily. But Microsoft Zune is better as it is simple to use, has larger screen and is more attractive. Besides Microsoft being stronger than Apple, it is very difficult for Ipod to survive for a longer time.