Natural Products On Your Skin

There are many ointments that flood the market aimed at preventing or curing acne. But they have a large content of chemicals in them. They adversely affect the skin structure by extracting the natural oils present in the skin. The oils that are present in the skin act as lubricators and protect the skin. But the ointments usually close the pores and eventually acne reappears.

Therefore it is suggested that you use extracts from plants, trees and many other natural sources. The natural extracts have the characteristics that are require to fight bacteria and other germs.

Devina’s face peel: It contains 2% essential oils, vitamin E and other oils. It reduces inflammation, prevents clogging, and clears marks on the face. It has anti-bacterial properties.

Body wash: It is an extract of tea powder. You can use it as a gel to take bath or use it as a face cleanser. Besides, there are no harsh chemicals involved. Your skin texture will remain intact.

Tree oil: It is a diluted form of oil that is to be applied with a cotton bud. Its main function is to cure acne by dissolving the pus and reducing the redness in the skin. It can kill all the germs by destroying them through its antibacterial and antiviral properties.

Neem Soap: Like tree oil, it kills the germs, as it is antiviral and antibacterial.