Precor treadmills: Is it the best?

Precor is a well established company that manufactures one of the world’s finest types of treadmills. They are manufacturing the product since 1984.

The reason for earning such a reputation is due to the quality and high level of consumer satisfaction. The price for the product ranges from $2,200 to $ 4000.

Each treadmill provides wonderful cushioning and the person exercising can monitor the pace, distance, time taken to perform the workouts etc.

Precor treadmill is available in different models such as M9.31, which is practiced by the beginners, M9.33, costs around $3500, and M9.35, which costs around $4000. The horsepower of the model M9.31 & M9.33 is about 2.75HP and the horsepower of the

M9.35 model is 3HP. As the price of these equipments goes up, the number of programs that are preset also increase. Usually the speed capacity is around 11 miles per hour in most of the treadmills.

The Precor treadmills are usually higher in price when compared to other fitness equipments. But at the same time it is assembled with highly durable parts and therefore the quality is good. For better quality, you naturally have to pay more. Smooth treadmill is the most preferred treadmill as it is most suited for the serious professionals and runners.