Snowcats – the next big thing in Skiing

For every professional skier the ideal skiing scenario is an untouched terrain which sports powder snow. However, this is hard to find in common places. Only the initial skiers get the privilege of the powder snow.

For those who consider skiing a serious business, there are few ways of skiing on such terrains. One can head to remote peaks, which are generally away from the common spots and ski at their own pace and comfort.

But if time is an issue, skiers can access these slopes by helicopters. Such firms operate with guides and provide lodges to skiers at various places. The main downfall is that helicopters are restricted by bad weather.

This is where snowcats come to the rescue. These are specialized vehicles, which can accommodate around 15 people including the driver, and are much cheaper than helicopter fares. The advantage with them is that there’s rarely a bad weather day. Skiers can enjoy themselves and make themselves comfortable while moving along from one slope to the other. One can organize family trips or business trips with snowcat operator firms.

One risk that comes with skiing no matter what, is of an avalanche, especially if you are in a backcountry. To reduce this risk, guides generally advice you to ski in areas with trees around. Few people prefer tree skiing to alpine skiing as well.

Snowcats are much slower than helicopters, but they make up for their speed by the comfort that they provide. Operators also provide accommodation and lodging with food, which only adds to making your trip a perfect one.