Take off in your own jet

As opposed to the general perception, owning a private jet is much simpler than reaching out for the stars. Our general impression is that the prices are exorbitantly out of reach. It’s more a question of our minds being conditioned to think that way. We normally co-relate prices of any mode of conveyance with a car, which is normally available for a few thousand dollars. Unless we expand our range of thinking and move to a higher bracket, we will never be able to make a decision of whether or not to purchase a jet. Although considered the domain of millionaires, they might cost much more than a luxury car but their utility is indisputable, especially if you are a jet-setting CEO or Managing Director of a hotshot company.

The price range is from a million dollars to multiples of a million, but that is relative. There is a provision known as fractional jet ownership, in which you could own a Boeing or another sought after jet at a price way below the normal purchase price. There is also a private jet charter program. We need to convince ourselves to achieve financial independence and from they’re on to settle for only the best in life. After all, if you have it, why not flaunt it?