Tea and Diabetes

Type II diabetes is one of the frequently occurring modern ailments. Due to rise in the obesity, there has been a corresponding increase in the number of diabetics. This has made preventing and treating the disease very important.

Diabetes is a disease where the body does not secrete or utilize properly the insulin. Insulin is the hormone that breaks down sugar and other food into energy. Type II diabetes is very common where the insulin produced is not used properly or the necessary quantity is not secreted. As a result, the level of blood glucose in the body goes far above the normal. Type I diabetes occurs in childhood and is caused by inability to secrete insulin.

Though the reasons for diabetes are unknown, family history, obesity, sedentary lifestyle have been blamed for Type II diabetes. Besides many people have been detected as pre-diabetic, meaning their blood glucose levels exceed the normal but lie below the levels of diabetes. Blindness, kidney problems, heart disease, stroke, nerve damage and foot and skin problems are the problems resulting from diabetes.
Prevention is important for treating diabetes and people diagnosed as pre-diabetic can use natural methods to lower their blood glucose levels to prevent entering the diabetic stage. Also some people suffering from Type II diabetes can improve their condition by altering their lifestyle.

Maintaining healthy weight is essential to prevent diabetes. Eat natural unprocessed foods containing plenty of fiber and nutrients. Stay away from sugar and white flour, since both of them cause our body to produce excess insulin.

Exercise daily. It keeps your weight in control and assists your body in efficient utilization of food you eat. As a result, your blood sugar levels remain steady. Exercising and maintaining a healthy weight are two very important methods of avoiding diabetes and controlling insulin, even though you are a diabetic. But there is yet another effective method to combat diabetes that is both safe and simple.

Drink green and black teas as research indicates they are effective in controlling blood sugar levels. Tea was shown to make noticeable difference on the blood glucose levels of diabetic mice. Their blood sugar levels went down close to the normal levels. Green tea in particular has proved to be helpful in preventing and at times in treating, various diseases. It is very effective in lowering the risk of heart disease, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease, and cancer. Few studies indicate green tea to effectively supplement regular cancer therapies. When these therapies are combined with green tea, their effectiveness increases.

Tea keeps the insulin levels in the blood steady, thus controlling it naturally. Many studies have credited the medical properties to the green tea. But for diabetes, both black and green teas exert same influence. So whatever type of tea you prefer, remember it is your secret weapon in your fight against diabetes.

Pre-diabetics can easily lower their blood sugar levels to normal by including tea in their daily diet. But they should not forget that there is no substitute for healthy diet and exercise routine. People with Type II diabetes can keep their blood sugar level in check by drinking tea regularly along with healthy diet and exercise and thus reduce their dependence on medication. But discuss this option with your doctor. Tea should not replace your medications and cannot take place of healthy diet and exercise.

Also stay away from very sweet tea. Adding sugar to the tea can lower the benefits derived from drinking tea. If you want to sweeten your tea, use only the artificial sweetener prescribed by the doctor.

Ensure you make tea a part of your regular diet to keep Type II diabetes at bay.