Tea Bags and Loose Tea Comparison

If you think teas bags are same as loose teas, you are mistaken. That is because tea is a generic name given to any type of herbs or leaves in different forms, and processing methods. The secret is the selection of superior quality of leaves that provide the special flavor, aroma. They should provide the nutrients and natural elements essential for the health and well-being.

The three steps to select the best tea:
1. Purchase teas that are closest to their natural form.
2. Purchase teas that don’t use manufacturing or industrial processing.
3. Purchase teas that are pure, don’t contain added flavors or gimmicks to make them look and taste different from their real form.

It is similar to eating an apple; purer, fresher and without any additives it is, tastier and more nutritious it is.

What is the comparison between Tea bags and Loose Teas to give a good cup of tea?

Tea bags are cooked, crushed, and mixed with various additives and manufactured using an industrial process, implying it is not real Tea. If you notice they are aromatised processed herbs, while with loose teas, you can see, smell and taste the real tea. Moreover the maximum nutritional health benefits are derived only from the purest tea.

How to recognize the good organic pure Tea in the shop? The term organic is quite confusing because the definition has been changed dramatically from the original, so as to confound the consumer about the quality of the Tea. The ideal method is to choose the simpler and the most natural leaves as much as possible. Labels can be very misleading, so you should take a look at the contents of the box, instead of concentrating on the words outside.