Tea Tree Oil for Warts

Completely natural tea tree oil is a potent sterile, anti-fungal and anti-viral. When used in various treatments, tea tree oil is used in curing yeast and fungal infections, acne etc. Due to its anti-viral characteristics, the oil plays an important role in curing warts naturally.

Instruction Difficulty: Fairly Simple

Step1: Heal warts on your feet by putting oil in concentrated form on the warts 2-3 times a day. While the skin on the feet is denser and less sensitive as compared to other parts of the body, if you suffer from skin irritation, you can temper the solution by adding up to 50% water or aloe vera gel.

Step2: Temper tea tree oil for applying on warts affecting parts of the body except feet, since the skin usually gets arid and itchy. Mix a 50/50 solution with water or aloe vera gel, tempering it as per your skin’s reaction. Though more concentrated oil solution will help in clearing warts quickly, you should also prevent your skin from being irritated when undergoing treatment.

Step3: Along with your everyday tea tree oil wart remedy use an overnight remedy to clear the virus responsible for warts. Prepare a 50/50 mixture of tea tree oil and olive oil and wet the gauze part a sticking bandage. Tie the art and keep it overnight each night till the wart disappears.

Step4: Apply tea tree oil to heal genital warts, provided there is no broken or inflamed skin. Prepare a 50/50 mixture of tea tree oil and water and wet a gauze bandage in the solution. Remove any extra water and then keep the gauze on the infected pat, keeping it overnight daily till the warts vanish. However if the skin gets inflamed, temper the mixture still more.

Hints & Warnings

Treating warts with tea tree oil might require many weeks or even months based on the size and placement of the warts. Remain patient and regular with your treatment and you will get permanent results, since the tea tree oil not only clears the warts but also kills the virus responsible for the wart.