Three Benefits of Email Marketing

The doors don’t open as often as they used to, and it’s been a while since you’ve seen a full store but some things never change. You’ve got bills to pay and a family to feed – your business needs to be making money.

The best advice in this situation is to stop looking at the shop doors – realistically; it doesn’t matter if they open at all. The Australian consumer is not who they used to be, and they’re constantly changing. Your marketing therefore must evolve with them.

With more and more people moving online to shop, you’d be forgiven for thinking your job just became harder. In fact, thanks to email marketing it’s easier.

Emails provide you with a direct form of communication previously not available and a means to carry personalised messages to your customers.

In a world where you customers want information served on a platter, service of the highest quality and a relationship (as opposed to just a product). The key is email marketing. Here are three reasons for using this powerful marketing tool:

• Information – email marketing provides you with ongoing opportunities to communicate relevant information directly to your customers. As you build your customer’s profiles you can provide personalised information to specific contacts through tailored marketing emails.

• Service – as mentioned above, email marketing is an information provision tool but it’s much more than that. It provides the customer with a direct communication tool and means to make enquiries and provide feedback, this material will be the base for your customer service.

• Relationship – the key to any strong relationship – online or not – is communication, email marketing provides the personal communication that is required to convert a lead into an active customer before building their loyalty to your product and brand.

Remember, while search engine marketing may seem like an easier choice for your online promotion, email marketing succeeds where search engine marketing cannot.