Traditional Coffee vs Organic Coffee

With new methods of farming and the trend shifting towards organic cultivation, there is a new type of coffee in the market, organic coffee. Many of us need that cup of coffee, first thing in the morning, to get us started. Many of us need repeated cups of coffee, to get us through the day. In the process, we have come to relish the taste that traditional coffee offers. But with the newer type of organic coffee, which claims to have a better and a richer taste of coffee, the question that arises in our minds is if organic coffee actually tastes better than traditional coffee?

In order to understand this, let us go through the process by which organic coffee is manufactured. To begin with, the method of cultivation is different than that used in traditional coffee. Organic coffee is grown in the shade unlike traditional coffee beans and as the name suggests, due care of the soil is taken and clean water is used for nurturing the plants. Biological methods of pesticides are encouraged too. Due to the shade, lesser number of coffee cherries is produced per plant and the rate of growth is also slower. Hence the quality of cherries is much higher. And to top it all, most of the time, these cherries is hand picked, thus letting the relatively less ripe cherries to stay on for some more time. This helps in enhancing the taste as well.

One more important reason for organic coffee to be better than traditional coffee is the fact that farmers are provided with motivation in terms of relatively more money for these types of coffee beans. Hence farmers take the extra step to keep their plantations in fine shape. All these steps ensure that the organic coffee that comes your way is much more enhanced in taste than what has been sold previously.