Treatment for Chicken Pox

If you are suffering from chicken pox, you have to put up with many problems; the most important and difficult to deal with is the itching.

Chicken pox, medically called as, varicella comprises a rash throughout your body. This rash quickly becomes blisters and scabs later on. These blisters are very scratchy, but you must not touch blisters under any circumstance, as it can cause infection. Another chicken pox indication which must be kept in check is the fever. Though, a chicken pox patient does not have a very high fever, however it must be lowered. The itching sensation of chicken pox can be relieved by warm baths with added baking soda. You can also apply green peas or honey, to ease the terrible scratching sensation caused by chicken pox. Cool compresses or cool baths will actually help you a lot when suffering from chicken pox.

It is a common knowledge, chicken pox is a children’ s disease, that affects very few adults. As mostly children suffer from it, don’t ever give aspirin to children having chicken pox. This is because, aspirin amplifies the dangers of leading to Reye’ s syndrome, that is fatal. So for any type of fever whether caused by chicken pox or any other disease affecting children, give ibuprofen. Also ensure the child’s fingernails are trimmed very short or better still put on some gloves, as they can scratch the skin, thereby aggravating further damage. If the chicken pox rash infects your child’ s mouth and leads to lesions, use little salt water, to comfort the child. Moreover give your child plenty of cold fluids and avoid any type of spicy food to avoid more damage to the mouth due to rash.

As the chicken pox blisters are full of fluid, the danger of suffering from an infection is very high. So ensure your child rinses their hands at least thrice a day. Also keep the skin infected by chicken pox clean as far as possible. Children suffering from chicken pox do not have very serious, but have a risk of major infection.

To avert chicken pox, get your child vaccinated. Actually, today doctors persuade vaccination against chicken pox.