Treatment for Kidney Stones

Before looking out for treatments for your kidney stones, remember that the severity of your condition will be affected by the nature and size of a kidney stone. Many kidney stones can be cured without surgery, at times by consuming plenty of water daily or being physically active and other home remedies are effective to remove stones from your body. Other times, paracetamol or OTC analgesics will work to control the pain. Usually doctors can make you filter your urine via a filter paper or a tea strainer in order to determine the size of kidney stones as it will help you in your treatment. Usually the study shows that these stones can be below 5 mm.

If this problem worsens, there could be infection, an obstacle or the risk of kidney damage, when you require surgery to remove your stone. Stone removal and infection prevention is the most essential part of this treatment, it can be achieved by using various medicines like antibodies, antibiotics etc, but if stones are lodged then they have to be removed by using many treatments like extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, ureteroscopic stone removal , percutaneous nephrolithotomy etc.

Doctors can begin kidney stone treatment by asking you few questions connected to stone signals and body pain. This is essential to check the diagnosis and to find out the size, placement and the nature of stone. Also, kidney stone treatment may comprise of many tests like blood test, urine analysis, and capturing X ray image, an intravenous urogram, ultra sound scan, non-contrast helical computerized tomography etc.

Kidney stone treatment consists of blood test, essential to detect additional amounts of specific chemicals linked to the formation of stone. Kidney stone treatment can consist of urine analysis, vital to identifying infection. An X-ray image is another implement to detect stones where calcium usually turns up white on X- ray pictures. Ultra sound scan uses high frequency sound waves to generate a copy of internal organs. An intravenous urogram can show inside structure of full urinary system, not possible with other methods.

So to remove these kinds of kidney stones, you must drink plenty of fluid daily so that your urine is clear. Avoid extra calcium in your diet, which can reduce the risk of developing calcium stones. But the study shows that eating normal calcium can be more useful in reducing calcium stones.

If there are calcium oxalate stones in your kidney, then limit food containing plenty of oxalate like chocolate, tea, rhubarb, cooked spinach, asparagus etc

In case you are suffering from acid stones then reduce meat, fish, and poultry foods. Medicines can help you in reducing the amount of acid in your urine. The kidney stone treatment will be decided on nature and intensity of disease like type of stone, size and placement of stone in the body.