Using a Car Wash and Wax

For a lot of people, their car symbolizes an external expression of their status. We all have special attachment to our cars, no matter what type they are. As we spend a lot of time in our cars, we tend to treat them carefully. A car treated properly will survive for a long time and if you choose to sell or trade, you will get good price for it. A method of treating it periodically is by using a car wash and wax.

Though some people take their car to the drive through car wash, they can go up in number quite rapidly and usually don’t give sufficient drying time before going out. This is a surefire method of increasing dirt and grime on the car. But this totally defeats the aim of a car wash and wax. A better and cheaper method is to perform a home car wash and wax. It is also not a time consuming process and is an excellent post-lunch task. Besides it uses much less water than commercial car washes, thus benefiting the environment. You don’t need excessive water for proper cleaning of the car, but a good quality car wash and wax product, a bucket, hose, and non-abrasive towel.

When selecting a cleaning product, people normally go for anything available at home. But some cleaning agents like dishwashing liquid, will destroy the wax on your car, making it vulnerable to the elements. Don’t even go for a dishwashing detergent marked “gentle”. The term “gentle” describes its effect on your hands, and not about how effectively removes grease, grime, and wax. Instead go for a product, particularly meant as a car wash and wax. This kind of car wash liquid will not harm your car’s finish or erode the paint. Even those liquid household cleaners that seem “soft” can result in tiny scratches on your car, giving rise to a dull appearance and rusting prospects. A car wash solution is meant to clean, shine, and protect. Most of them serve multiple purposes, of both cleaning and waxing agents, thus simplifying the task of cleaning your car. It is a single step method.

Use the “top down” cleaning approach to clean your car. It implies you begin at the top and continue your way down, so as shit the dirt flow down and away from your car. Seek help from gravity. Fill a bucket with cold water and either the instructions on the car wash solution product label or just add a little quantity. As these products are concentrated, even a small amount will clean properly. If some buildup like dirt, road tar, grease, or bugs, has gathered on the top, use a car mitt particularly meant for using on vehicles with a car wash liquid. These products do not scrape or scratch your car’s finish. Besides if you are choosing a quality car wash and wax product, you don’t need a high-powered spray nozzle. Some people just choose to damp the car with a light spray of water from the hose, instead of a nozzle. Soak the mitt in the bucket to let the dirt come off while removing it to prevent any dirt from scratching your car. Scrub gently with the mitt, and rinse and dry immediately. Most absorbent towels can be used on vehicles and other specialty uses without scratches or damages. Always go for good, 100% pure cotton towel. To prevent damages to the finish, go for blotting motions instead of wiping.