Visiting Dubai

Full of natural beauty and mystery, the city of Dubai is located within the United Arab Emirates. Here you will observe the land stretches to show never-ending deserts, beaches, and other majestic artifacts of art, culture, and history. With posh hotels and delectable cuisine, the city is brimming with plenty of attractions and activities to keep both the locals and tourists engrossed in their surroundings. Dubai is home to many interesting neighborhoods, satiated commercial locations and wonderful districts to explore, including Old Dubai, Bur Dubai, and the old Bastakiya district.

Major Attractions

Whether you shopping or sightseeing, this city offers you a great deal of sights throughout the city. Lancy Plaza and Mercate Mall are great places to give you a decent shopping experience. The third biggest mall in the world, Mall of Emirates is located in Dubai. This great place is host to various theaters, arcades, an exotic food court, and the biggest indoor ski slope in the world. Additional tourist attractions consist of the indoor and outdoor displays at the Dubai Zoo and Jumeirah Beach with its relaxing atmosphere.


To enjoy some of the best nightlife in Dubai, visit the bigger hotels as they are the perfect places. Some of the best bars are found within these hotels and here you can see the whole city displaying its entertaining, exciting, and cheaper hot spots. Dubai has the concept of “Happy Hours”, a popular approach for enjoying the nightlife. Tuesday and Sunday nights are normally “Ladies Night”. The busiest party nights are usually reserved for Thursdays and Saturdays in Dubai.


While planning a trip to Dubai, you might want to refer to the Weather Channel to be ready to face the climate and temperatures in the region. The average highs and lows of Dubai are pretty pleasant for the region. In summer, the weather is hot and humid while it is cool from September to May. It usually rains in the months of January and February.