Why It Is Important To Eat Enough Calories When Dieting

One of the most common beliefs about dieting is that lesser the calories you eat more weight you lose. Though it is true that reducing calories will help you lose weight, if you reduce calories a lot daily it can actually affect your weight loss. These “starvation diets” or diets that drastically reduce the number of calories that you must eat each day can result in your metabolism slowing down making it harder to lose the pounds. Here we look at why starvation diets are not great way of losing weight and how you can lose weight rapidly without reducing your metabolism.

Your body utilizes calories to in order to fuel it with the energy required to work each day. The rate at which your body consumes the calories called your metabolism. The higher your metabolism the more calories you burn throughout a normal day even the times you are resting or relaxing. Similarly, the slower your metabolism lesser calories your body burns throughout the day. Obviously, then, having a higher metabolism is far better than having a slower metabolism for the purpose of losing weight.

When you embark on a starvation diet and starve your body of the calories it needs to operate properly few things happen. First, your body starts thinking that you actually are starving and hence it tells your metabolism to reduce and use fewer calories all the day. Even if you logically understand that you can get more food any time you want, your body’s natural instinct will set in and lower your metabolism in order to prevent you from starving to death. Simultaneously, your body also holds on tightly to the fat you already have, saving it for later use in case your food supply breaks down.

Slow metabolism not only makes it very difficult to lose weight, but also speeds up gain of any weight you might have lost when you stop your diet and begin eating normally again.

So if reducing calories a lot does not solve the problem, what does? Research has proved that the most efficient method to reduce weight rapidly without slowing your metabolism is by changing the amount of calories you eat daily. Eating higher calories one day and lower calories the next, you cheat your body and prohibit it from reducing your metabolism.